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Android App Ideas: How to Dominate Google Play

Posted by riteshpatil in Technology on July 18th, 2019

Thinking up with an application idea is only the starting. But what around what derives after?

How ensure you see if your idea has probably to scale, or if it’s a sizable figure of customers who meeting the difficulties that you are trying to resolve? We will begin with an outline of three systems you can usage to check your application idea.

Then delve profoundly into approaches for emerging for developing marketplaces — which are the main reflection for android app development owing to the immense chances for development that they exist.

Let us start: 

Making apps for developing markets: three trends you essential to distinguish]

In the past, Google I/O Developer Summit, Tal Oppenheimer, Google Product Manager, gave a summary of user figures in developing markets.

In 2015, China had the maximum sum of total web users, which concluded up to about 685 million — about double the sum in the United States.

Keeping these figures in mind, application developers seeking customer growth will essential to espouse a global viewpoint, and consider customer trends that are widespread in developing markets when measuring their application ideas:


Utility Applications Are in Need 

In an offer to learn which kinds of mobile applications were most usually used on daily basis by customers in its main markets — India, Brazil and Indonesia —advertising business Jana move off to trail the average sum of apps applied each day by the individual user.

The marks showed that interaction and utility applications were the most extensively used applications, with further than four applications being used every day.

This designates that away from messaging applications, these customers are looking out applications that can benefit them better achieve their mobile usages.

Utility applications are in requirement for two main details:

Budget mobile phones, which are prevalent among customers in emerging marketplaces have limited use, like a truncated battery lifecycle and lower storing space. Utility applications that can help preserve battery life, improve rapidity, block viruses and surge memory are therefore essential for improving the functioning of these mobile devices.

Secondly, the elevated costs of information in emerging business mean that users frequently are not able to manage the data essential for their devices to purpose in its full volume. Here is where information saving applications come in convenient to enable these strategies to run more competently.


Assess the Opportunity of Your Monetization Idea

Is your money-making strategy possible in the new marketplace? It is a significant deliberation for app creators who are measuring the feasibility of their application ideas in developing marketplaces.

While card payments are the standard for in-app procurements in developed souqs, emerging marketplaces like Vietnam, India, and Thailand are not as credit friendly.

India has nearly 22 million payment cards for a populace of over one billion, while down payment accounts for the common of online purchases (81%) in Vietnam and in Thailand, 72% of online buyers prefer doing cash on delivery expenses.


Learn All About Native Trends And Customer Culture

Throughout the “Make for Your Next Billion Users” conference at 2017 I/O session, Mariya Moeva at Google acmes a key feature about customer onboarding in developing markets:

Many of these customers are approaching online in a different background, so you should not expect that the result you have right today, with the flow and UI and the graphics, it will be fitting their requirements.

By way of the ‘discover’ key, which characteristically opens up steering links or extra functions, is in its place used to specify unessential fun structures that would awake the interest of Chinese customers.

Consequently, it is perceptive that you crack arcane to find out completely about how customers in developing marketplaces react to, and apply qualities on an android application development company in order to make great applications that are thoroughly established.


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