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3 Useful Stock Market Tips that will Help You Master the Basics

Posted by NowlesNorman in Other on February 26th, 2018

When people dream of riches, the stock market is a quite alluring field. Most people think that it’s easy money and they should just trade in stocks and they will gain a lot of profit because of their luck. Well, barring some fortunate people who win tickets or invest in a stock that quadruples or more within a year or less, it’s absolutely unlikely to get money by luck. It’s good for beginner investors to learn some stock market basics, master them and then they can hope for gaining big profits. Here are a few tips.

1. Have Long-term Goals

Decide what you want from your return on investment: do you want a handsome amount for retirement? Or do you want future education expenses? Or do you want to buy a real estate for your beneficiaries?

By deciding the purpose, you can decide the time you may need. If you want the return just within a few years, choose some other investment option as the stock market is most unlikely to give you instant returns given its volatility.

By calculating what capital you require and the future point of time you’ll need it, you get the idea of what amount you should invest and what type of return you will need to give the desired outcome. Use a free financial calculator available online to calculate what amount of capital you may need for future education or retirement.

2. Know Your Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance cannot be learned and mastered! It’s a psychological quality that is inherited. However, it can be positively affected by education, wealth and income (with their increase, risk tolerance seem to increase a bit) and negatively affected by age (with an increase in age, there is a decrease in risk tolerance). Risk tolerance is your feelings about risk and level of anxiety you feel the presence of risk. All humans have varying risk tolerance. The perception of risk is also a deciding factor of risk tolerance. E.g. driving a car was considered very risky in the early 1900s, but today it’s a common occurrence.

Understanding your own risk tolerance is one of the most important stock market tips and by understanding it you can avoid investments that may make you anxious.

3. Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Diversification of stocks is very important and any prudent investor would own stocks of various companies in various industries, sometimes even in various countries. One of the best stock trading strategies is to own stocks of five different companies at least, each of which should be profitable as per your study. If unfortunately, situations change, you might have at least two of them that perform well at the end of the year and their stock will be up 25% each. Stocks of other two companies are up 10% each while the assets of the 5th company were used to pay off a huge lawsuit. Diversification will enable you to recover from your total investment loss.

Hope these tips will help you learn stock market basics at the necessary pace and with time you can master them.


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