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Natural Gas as Electricity Supply

Posted by NowlesNorman in Internet on June 29th, 2019

There are a wide number of ways in which natural gas is used. While most people see it as being useful only for heating and cooking, in reality, there are a wide number of uses of natural gas.

In Israel, for instance, Natural Gas is used for the general of electricity on a wide scale. This Natural Gas Electricity is then supplied throughout the country. Currently, two of the major gas fields in Israel include the Tamar natural gas field and Leviathan field, which will be fully active by the end of 2019.

There are a wide number of industrial processes in which natural gas is frequently used. It has been estimated that around 31% of the natural gas in most countries is used in the industry, both as a source of heating and as a raw material.

For instance, in a number of products that include fertilizers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, fabrics, and antifreeze, natural gas is one of the prime ingredients. At the same time, a number of chemicals that include butane, ethane, acetic acid, propane, methanol, and ammonia involve the use of natural gas in their production.

Moreover, many manufacturing processes in the industry require significant amounts of heat for baking, glazing, heating, drying, or melting products. In this regard, natural gas proves to be a great source of heating. It is commonly used in the production of cement, ceramics, paper, tile, bricks, steel, food products, and a wide range of other commodities.

Similarly, it is also very commonly used for incineration in a number of industrial facilities.

The manufacturing industry, however, is not the only industry in which natural gas is used. Rather, companies that produce natural gas and transport it, often happen to be consumers themselves. In order. To transport natural gas, it has to be compressed first so that the gas remains fully pressurized. In a number of compression stations, natural gas itself is used as the fuel for compression. At the same time, a number of oil refineries also make use of natural gas for power generation and heating.

At the same time, natural gas has a lot of potential for vehicle usage. Nowadays, the supply of natural gas in Israel has increased since the discovery of the natural gas reserves. As a result of which, many vehicles now use natural gas as a fuel in the country.

It has been discovered that there are a number of advantages that natural gas has over gasoline. For instance, the vehicles that use natural gas tend to emit fewer pollutants that produce smog. At the same time, they also have a lesser number of greenhouse emissions. Moreover, a vehicle that operates on natural gas costs less for every mile as compared to a vehicle that runs of diesel or gasoline.

Natural gas in Israel is now produced locally, rather than being imported. As a result of this, the usage of natural gas has also significantly increased in the region, for a wide number of purposes. This is expected to further fuel the economy of the region.


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