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Improve live chat optimization

Posted by abigaylemark in Internet on January 31st, 2018

Business owners put a lot of effort in their company, they want it to thrive and attract more and more customers. What is very frustrating is when a lot of work is put in developing a product and in the end, it has few visitors and few customers. It is time to focus on live chat optimization. Companies that have not yet integrated live chat should know there are immense benefits of artificial intelligence and conversational commerce.

E-commerce websites invest greatly in how the platform looks, if it is functional, easy to navigate, user-friendly and such. All things are taken care of, customers go online, they look through the catalogue, traffic is on the website, but it might happen to witness delays in conversion rate. This happens to many websites and it is nothing out of the ordinary, but what truly matters is to take the right measures and to invest in the right provider. Artificial intelligence and conversational commerce focuses mainly on live chat support and how interaction is done between customers and chat agents or even chat bots.

Live chat software has managed to attract more customers to a website and conversion rate optimization was visible faster. Live chat helps increase conversion through many ways and it is always best to know what you obtain after you make a change for your business and an investment. When people enter a store, they are greeted by a sales representative and they know when to interfere and what questions to ask, how to offer support and such. The same thing happens with live chat. Someone greets you through a pop-up window and they invite customers to join the chat and ask any question.

Many studies have shown that throughout time, customers fail to make a purchase because of the poor customer service experience they witnessed. Customer service can be personalized and live chat offers this possibility. Adding a personal touch to the chat is highly recommended and it can be done based on the website, on its style and demographics. For example, the chat agent can have his/her photo in the chat session, letting people know who they are talking with and the greeting message can also be personalized. This is something worth considering, as live chat is a powerful tool after all.

There are different live chat software packages available and besides them, it is easy to find training and support for agents and for better understanding how the chat works and what opportunities it brings. If everything is running smoothly and if people are satisfied with the services received, they are more likely to return and make additional purchases. Not to mention that they will recommend the website to everyone they know, attracting more and more customers via the same channel. People tend to buy products/services from a shop they are satisfied with and which offers great customer support.

Are you interested in finding more about artificial intelligence and conversational commerce? You have found the right source, as these solutions are ideal for live chat optimization.


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