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Choosing a live chat agent trainer

Posted by abigaylemark in Internet on January 31st, 2018

Businesses have acknowledged the importance of live chat support and have integrated the software in their e-commerce platform. What is certain is that it helps optimizing chat sales, increasing them by offering support to customers in all moments. How agents speak with customers and how they react, how prompt they are, are key factors to consider. Luckily, a live chat agent trainer is available to guide them in the right direction.

Live chat agents greet customers when they access the website, they offer their help and let visitors know they are available at all times. The chat appearance is customizable, the greeting text as well and how agents reply also. Messages can appear as soon as the website is accessed or after a couple of minutes, if the customer is browsing through the website and seems to be undecided. These are aspects to consider by business owners, as they can decide what works best for their business. Live chat agents are hired to offer support via all means, by e-mail, telephone and on live chat.

Agents are helpful in many situations. For example, they can deal with cart abandonment. Once the customer adds products in the shopping cart, it means they want to buy something, but if they quit the website, something went wrong. There are different reasons behind this action and chat agents can find them out, deal with them and convince customers to finish their order. Conversion rate optimization is affected by chat invitations. Instead of allowing customers to leave or to browse through similar products without knowing which one is more suitable for them, agents can step in and help them.

Not all agents are prepared to deal with such situations or they are unaware. When talking over the phone with the customer, they know they are on the line with them, they can figure out their tone and intensions and they can chat better. However, on live chat it isn’t always that simple, as agents need to figure out these aspects based on how customers chat and the language they use. A live chat agent trainer is highly recommended and such a specialist can show agents how to be more effective and how to be more communicative and responsive.

There is no need to hire an actual specialist. As a matter of fact, there are powerful software tools and algorithms that analyze live chat sessions and figure out where issues exist, why customers leave the website, where they spend most time, what is their activity on the website, how fast agents respond to inquiries and such. Optimizing chat sales is done based on actual data and it depends from website to website. This is why proper evaluation and analysis are required. Performance statistics reveal how many chats agents had, if customers liked the experience and how many purchases were successful thanks to the conversation they had with the agent.

Are you satisfied with the performance of your chat support team? Why not consider the services of a live chat agent trainer? You will be amazed with the results and optimizing chat sales will no longer be an issue.


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