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10 Bad Links That Can Get You Penalized By Google

Posted by HenrySmith in Other on May 27th, 2019

SEO professionals who understand the trade know that the links which accompany contents constitute the backbone of SEO. Naturally, it is safe to assume that links continue to remain a significant factor in ranking. However, it is crucial for you to recognize the consequences of having enough bad links. You don’t want any harm to befall your website. Wrong links can make Google downgrade your site algorithmically. If things turn even worse, then the search engine will consider taking manual action. It is true that Google excels at ignoring wrong links. Regardless, too many of them can harm your site’s ranking. Check out the following ten varieties of bad links that can lead to penalization.
  1. Discussion forum links: It is clear that all forum discussion links aren’t worthless. You can keep the link as long as it comes from a quality website or an established user. You can also stick to it as long as it isn’t spam or manipulative. Low-quality spam links tend to arrive via foreign discussion forums. If they keep coming in regularly, then you must recant them.

  2. Numerous random no-follow links: Google is snoopy, and can detect your footprints if you’re not using automated programs. Since human beings stick to regular routines, it is excessively troublesome for them to randomize their footprints. So, if you use an automated program, then Google will find it unless you can be genuinely random about it. The straightforward act of no-following the link creates a footprint.

  3. Social bookmark links: Google considers social bookmark links as manipulative. It can get you in a lot of trouble if you overdo it. If you think about it, then you will understand the problem. Manually placed links are inadvertently flukes.

  4. Comments on blogs: Blog comments are now one of the most mishandled tactics of SEO. In reality, the trend of spamming blog comments has been around for a long time. It doesn’t matter what you believe, but they don’t work. Spammed blog comments introduced the no-follow clause to the world.

  5. Links on press releases: Linking websites to press releases was something accessible over ten years ago. The process was simple enough, and you could get hundreds of links. Over time, like any other SEO tactic, people began to abuse it. Now Google keeps more vindictive watch on links than before. Therefore, you should consider avoiding press release links as much as possible.

  6. Foreign guestbook links: These links are particularly manipulative. You either use manual processes of placing them or seek the support of an automated program. Too many of these at scale can lead to a drop in your ranking.

  7. PBN or Private Blog Network: Once, PBNs used to be an excellent way of seeing significant gains via links. Now, vast scales of PBNs can cause you to lose organic traffic on your site. Some PBNs are hard to spot, but Google catches up eventually and punishes the users.

  8. Directory submissions: These service providers tell you that your traction will increase and you will gain much from their links. However, if you avail their offers, then you are submitting to low-quality directories. Therefore, your website suffers from more harm than good.

  9. Cheap link services: Yet another abusive SEO tactic is the use of inexpensive link services. They are so bad that they don’t belong to Google’s guidelines. The search engine won’t face any difficulty to set up investigative protocols for these services. It will follow all common patterns of operation supported by these service providers.

  10. Automatic link building: You might come across several automated link building tools. They can help you create lots of links, but they aren’t as useful now as they used to be earlier. SEO specialists warn you against using these programs.



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