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Womens Alex Cappa Jersey

Posted by hongwei28 in Arts on May 21st, 2019

The Buccaneers got picked apart by the Bears on Sunday Womens Vernon Hargreaves III Jersey , dropping to 2-2 on the season with a 48-10 loss in Chicago. Tampa Bay now heads into its bye week on a two-game losing streak after starting hot with wins over the Saints and Eagles. The team returns to action on Oct. 14, going to Atlanta for a crucial game. Before turning the page to week five in the NFL, let’s break down what went on in the NFC South this weekend.New Orleans Saints (3-1)The Saints won their third straight game on Sunday, beating the Giants 33-18 on the road. New York took a 7-0 lead in the first quarter, but four field goals in the second quarter by Will Lutz gave New Orleans a 12-7 halftime lead. Coming out of the locker room, Alvin Kamara took over. He ran for three touchdowns, with the third coming from 49 yards out to give the Saints some cushion with 2:06 to go. Drew Brees wasn’t overly impressive, throwing for 217 yards on 18-of-32 passing. Michael Thomas wasn’t much of a factor either, catching just four passes for 47 yards. But New Orleans got more than enough from Kamara, whose three scores came along with 134 yards on 19 carries. The New Orleans defense allowed just 299 yards, which was much better than its previous performances. The victory, paired with Tampa Bay’s loss, allowed the Saints to move into first place in the NFC South.Up Next: vs. Washington Redskins (2-1)Carolina Panthers (2-1)The Panthers were off this week, but moved ahead of the Bucs in the standings. Up Next: vs. New York Giants (1-3)Atlanta Falcons (1-3)Atlanta allowed a late touchdown on Sunday, leading to a 37-36 loss at home against the Bengals. It was another big day for Matt Ryan, but the Falcons’ injury-ridden defense couldn’t hang with Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati offense. Atlanta trailed 28-24 at halftime, but came back to take a 33-28 lead early in the fourth quarter. Randy Bullock and Matt Bryant then traded field goals before Dalton led a 16-play, 75-yard drive that lasted 4:08. He capped off the game-winning drive with a 13-yard touchdown pass to A.J. Green with seven seconds to go.Ryan threw for 419 yards and three touchdowns on 29-of-39 passing, but Dalton matched him well throughout the day. Julio Jones caught nine passes for 173 yards and rookie Calvin Ridley caught two touchdowns, but Tyler Boyd and Green did what they could to keep up. Atlanta out-gained Cincinnati 495-407, but became the first team since 1966 to lose back-to-back games when scoring 36-plus points in each.Up Next: at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2-1) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were on a bye last week as was Chicago. But the rest of the league was in action. Here are my thoughts and opinions stemming from what we saw Week 5 while Dirk Koetter was golfing.OFFSIDES: Drew Brees’ escape from L.A. (Well, San Diego)How excited would any franchise be to have the NFL’s all-time leading passer. There are other great quarterbacks out there, sure, but nobody has thrown a football for as many miles as Drew Brees has.Kind of makes you go back and think about what the Chargers could have been thinking when they set the table for Brees’ eventual departure from San Diego.Well, this is exactly what happened to me, so I googled it. What I found was a pretty good description of how everything went down from John Gennaro written for SB Nation’s Bolts From The Blue.I’ll let you read the details at your leisure, but let’s basically summarize this by saying Brees ended up leaving San Diego and landing in New Orleans because of an end of year shoulder injury suffered because Marty Schottenheimer didn’t want to play Philip Rivers out of principle. Then, when Brees got hurt, nobody wanted to pay him or promise him a starting job, but the Saints eventually did promise the starting job. Boom, Brees goes to the Saints, punts are blocked, onside kicks are recovered and now:Cinderella, and it hasn’t hit midnight just yet. Gennaro basically argues that letting Brees walk was actually a really good decision - or at least one which made sense. And he’s right.But I have the power of hindsight, and I’m going to use it.The bad decision made in San Diego wasn’t letting Brees go, it was drafting Rivers in the first place. Oh Womens Alex Cappa Jersey , wait. It was drafting Eli Manning, in the first place.I’m not going to get crazy in-depth N-if-L style here, but if the Chargers don’t draft Manning out of spite, then they likely draft either Robert Gallery, Larry Fitzgerald or Sean Taylor. Or they trade out all together.Players like DeAngelo Hall, Will Smith, Vince Wilfork, Steven Jackson and Ben Watson were all first round picks in 2004. Any of them could have been Chargers. And any of them could have changed the trajectory of their own careers by getting drafted by San Diego as well as Brees’.But what about the injury? Well, there’s no guarantee the injury happens. Now, I’m not going to get into butterfly effect stuff and destiny and all of that.I basically wrote all of this to say:Congratulations, Drew! I’m not happy about the team you play for, but I’m truly happy to see you accomplish everything you have against the odds you’ve done them against.FALSE START: The NFL is failing.Quinn Harris-USA TODAY SportsMany predicted the downfall of the National Football League. No doomsday clock was set, but it was happening. The beginning of the end.TV ratings seem kind of like stock markets. It’s a long game. Today, you may lose some pennies, but tomorrow you may gain some nickels. Just stick it out.Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, the league’s viewership is actually climbing for the first time in three seasons.Why? Well, in part by the same rule which has had most of the fans watching up in arms for weeks now.For the last two weeks we’ve seen a shift in the way officials call the new roughing the passer penalty, and for good reason. If anything was threatening the legitimacy of the league, it was that.Apparently though, it will not do what CTE, domestic violence and social injustice before it couldn’t do, and that’s kill the league.As the article mentions, young faces like Patrick Mahomes are lighting up the score boards while team strife like those being experienced with the Pittsburgh Steelers are giving some new teams opportunities they haven’t had in a little while.The resurgence of the Cleveland Browns - sort of - can’t hurt either.Bottom line, the NFL is fine, for now. We’ll have to wait and see what the next controversy does though.FREE PLAY: I wish they all could be Ali Marpets.Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsI’m sure you’ve heard by now, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made Ali Marpet a very well paid man.If you ask me, Marpet deserves to be paid higher up the chain. But you didn’t, and neither did the Bucs. Which is fine.Since joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Marpet has played three different positions, and has showed Pro Bowl potential in all three.If you could build a team of guys with Marpet’s ability to learn and re-learn, and rise above his challenges, you’d win a lot of rings and trophies.When I saw the news break across my phone screen, I literally let out a celebratory cheer. Not only is he critical to any kind of continued success the Bucs hope to have, he just seems like the kind of guy you want to be around and want on your team.Hawaiian shirts and tacos, folks. Those are the keys to a happy life.


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