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What else do you need to know before surfing other than a Surf Guide Bali?

Posted by matheiurobine in Travel on May 14th, 2019

Have you always wanted to try surfing? This passion of yours might have been born after you saw some young surfers having a full blast on the tropical vacation. Also, you may have watched some really cool videos. Or, maybe there is a bit of curiosity that works inside you for riding the board made of fiberglass. You may be thinking as to how it may feel once you ride on atop the board to conquer the vast moving ocean. Well, spoiler alert-It indeed feels fantastic. Surf learning might transform your life because it certainly has changed the lives of many. However, before you buy that ticket you need to ensure a few things to have the best vacation.


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Wave season

A bit of homework always works. When you are about to discover your getaway for surfing, you will like to know about the surfing season. Most of the surf breaks would have “on” season especially when there are bigger consistent waves. However, “off” season means the wave is going to be less consistent and smaller. When you are only starting out, you might love choosing the “off-season” because a Surf Guide Bali will help you well. You can make the most of this assistance because manageable waves are there. “On season” means you might have to battle crowds. When you are about to learn the sport, the quality of the wave is not going to make a major difference but the smaller spot has to be selected. This spot must be less crowded so that you can have maximum fun.

Preparing the body

Surfing is one of the sports that, is extremely demanding on the body. It requires flexibility, endurance, power, balance, and strength. You are likely to find a good Surf School In Bali in any surf school that will make you do little preparations before you hit the ocean. Do not ever try to come unprepared. A surfing vacation is shortened because people get sore or extremely tired for paddling out on the trip’s few last days. A guide will help you to adapt and get comfortable in the water. Swimming is indeed a great way to develop great strength for paddling. You might be trained to practice holding the breath in water.

Improving the balance

Surfing is synonymous with extreme balance. the best news is that one can improve their balance when they have done pre-trip training. You may be assisted on Bosu ball, balance disc or Indo board. All these will be provided by the guide and they will help to simulate the motion of surfing. Yoga is another important aspect of surfing because it incorporates ways and means for making the body develop balance.

Temperature of water

Tropical locations serve to be the best locations. It is in these places that you need not wear wetsuits. Warm water areas must be on your list if you want to experience the real joy of surfing. Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico are some of the destinations that should be on your go-to list.



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