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Why You Should Order Foods Directly from the Restaurantís Website Instead Of 3rd

Posted by Bellymelly in Food on May 9th, 2019

In this fast-paced age, Order Food Online has become a regular event. Previously, people wait for a special occasion to eat outside but now we have rarely time to wait for preparation and cooking time. We want instant gratification and for that, we prefer online ordering. With this immense popularity, there are many 3rd party food ordering apps mushrooming recently. Although there are a few positive things about these apps, it is advisable to have Mobile Ordering for Restaurants for various reasons.

There are many restaurants which offer online food ordering exclusive for their customers. It is a better option for from the 3rd party app as mentioned below:

  • Instant Ordering: While most of the 3rd party apps take the order on behalf of the restaurant and then convey them about it, the process seems to be a time taking. When you Order Food Online from the website of the restaurant, it gets the instruction at the same time. The food preparation and delivery will be on time. You can also communicate with them and give any special instructions if required.

  • Updated Information: On the website of the restaurant, the holidays are previously selected as the blackout day, so no delivery will be available on those days. This update is not available on the 3rd party app and you can face harassment during the period of hunger.

  • Delivery Zone: Every particular restaurant has its own range of delivery zone. There are many times, people order for their guests through the delivery app and they are informed after food preparation that the order cannot be delivered at that particular address. However while Mobile Ordering for Restaurants there is no scope for confusion as the zone is restricted previously.

  • Unavailability of  Restaurant: Many times the restaurant sees a wave of walk-in customers and high instant demand of them. To comply with their requirements, the restaurant may pause taking the online food orders during that rush and update accordingly on their website. This facility is not available on the 3rd part app and you may face unnatural delay or cancellation of your order at the last moment.

  • Loyalty Program: Many websites for restaurants offer a loyalty program for their customers. Points will be added to your account while placing orders and you can redeem them for a good amount of discount when needed. There are some special discount and offers for regular customers also as the gift for their preferences.       


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