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Garage Door Spring Problems – Here’s What You Should Know

Posted by evataylor021 in Home on May 2nd, 2019

Having a faulty garage door is not only inconvenient. It also makes you feel less functional and irritated and it hurts the overall appeal of your property. Most of the problems that push homeowners to call garage door services in Dallas occur because of broken or rotten springs. 

It is a good idea to get the spring replaced regularly to keep them from breaking. This will also minimize the risk of facing emergencies associated with garage door problems. 

If you don’t know what the springs are for, what they do, and when you should hire a professional for garage door spring repair in Dallas, here are all your answers.

1. Garage door spring – What is it?

A tiny but extremely important piece in your garage door that supports its operating mechanism is called a garage door spring. It takes on the force of the garage door, adds flexibility to it, and enables the door to lift and open when needed. Without this little spring, it would be impossible for us to lift up or pull down the garage door. 

2. How do I know if my garage door spring is broken?

If your garage door is playing up and you can’t identify the problem, the spring is probably the culprit. But sometimes other things could be causing the problem, so you need to do a thorough checkup to see what it is. The following signs will help you tell apart a broken spring and other garage door related issues. 

It is a spring problem if:

There are broken door cables 
The cables are hanging down
There is a loud noise in the garage 
There is a gap in the torsion spring
The top of the door is crooked
The door is falling fast
The emergency rope is unable to lift the door

3. How or Why Do the Garage Door Springs Break?

Now that you know how important the springs and the type of problems you can face with broken springs in your garage door are, it is good to know what causes the springs to break. The broken or faulty springs can be a result of:
Poor maintenance
“Cost-Saving” schemes
Regular wear and tear

4. How often should I get my garage door springs replaced?

As often as you think, “it’s about time!” Just ensure you do it before the door fails you. 

5. How can I extend the springs’ lifespan?

For the longevity of the springs, you should do the following:

Schedule cleaning twice a year
Introduce rust prevention measures
Check the balance of the door

6. Should I DIY spring replacement?

NO! A small slip up in handling the garage door can result in serious injuries and damages/losses.

7. Who should I hire?

Since emergencies in homes occur at the most inconvenient time, it is best to get garage door services in Dallas at least twice a year to avert such situations. 

At Garage Door Solutions, we offer garage doors, garage door opener, spring & gates contractor services, i.e., repair, service, maintenance, tune-ups, & installation, for residential and commercial customers. We are available 24/7 in case you need us for emergencies. Call today to schedule an appointment!


Source: Garage Door Spring Problems – Here’s What You Should Know


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