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A Guy Buying Lingerie

Posted by costumemanufacturer in Business on January 15th, 2018

I don't know if this has Arm Shaper happened to most guys, but something in the layout, atmosphere, even in the smell of the lingerie shops predispose male costumers to have a second thought about entering. It is perhaps the overcharged sensuality, the mysterious aura that produces those dark red or intense pink environments designed to lure female costumers, maybe giving them an impression of security and comfort, similar to that of a cinema or, in a symbolic reading, to feel the warmth of a womb.

However, for us guys, it involves the feeling of a secret Shapewear Tank Tops and forbidden place, somewhere where you are allowed to enter, but perhaps won't feel as comfortable. It's designed exclusively to attract women, because the target of their business is definitely them, but does it exclude male costumers who perhaps could also be interested in shopping for female undergarments?

It is not a taboo if wholesale Christmas costumes wholesale Christmas costumes your grandmother gives you underwear as a holiday gift, but, try to do it the other way around. It is definitely a matter of silence, discretion, nervousness and sometimes it is overcharged with sexual intentions. It is certainly a direct message if it happens from a guy to a girl. Nevertheless: Do girls recognize the bravery of walking into those shops, crossing through those curtains, being surrounded by female only articles, and not only exclusive women's wear, but the most delicate, evolved and secret of them all: Lingerie.

Every time I walk through the front of one of those shops I get the feeling that women are encouraged to feel safe and cozy inside them, however, it remains a somewhat hostile environment for men, as if entering one of them would be an embarrassing feat that goes counter-current against its basic design. For a guy to enter a Lingerie shop, he must have an intention strong enough to defeat all prejudices and cross the line to get somewhere where nothing is made for him.

It is true. Guys don't wear bras or g-strings, they don't know the use of a camisole or a feathered scarf, on a special occasion they don't worry about deciding between a fishnet or a wild-animal-print undergarment. A guy has no business in there, he cannot ask to try on one of the items (and if he does, he wouldn't be allowed to do so), most guys wouldn't know what cup size fits better or which design is more appropriate, comfortable or simply is worth to wear for one basic reason: We don't have boobs, and we don't know how it feels to have them, let alone dress them.


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