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Emergency Dental Office manhattan and the best dental treatment

Posted by studiosmilesnyc in Health on April 23rd, 2019

Emergency dentist: always ready to intervene

We pay special attention to our emergency service that stays open from 9am to 24h, 365 days a year with the presence of a dentist, because you never know when you will need your dentist.

Our extensive experience in the treatment of traumatisms shows that an immediate action significantly influences the prognosis of affected teeth. Many dentists entrust their patients to us when they cannot treat them. Nearest Dentist Office Manhattan solves your urgent problem and sends it back to your doctor to treat it as it sees fit. Likewise, institutions, federations, sports clubs, mutuals and travel medical insurance trust in the quality of our emergency service.


We have agreements with different travel insurance that cover our services.

When to go to an emergency dentist?

The main objective of the Nearest Dentist Office Manhattan is to treat those annoying or painful ailments caused by a dental problem.

An intense pain in the oral area is a symptom of a problem that should be treated without delay.

Emergencies due to dental infection:


Inflammation of the dental pulp, nerve tissue that nourishes the tooth and that not having enough space to ignite causes intense pain. The most common causes are tooth decay or trauma.

Periapical infection

Proliferation of bacterial plaque, increasing the volume of soft tissues contiguous to the tooth. In the emergency department you will be given antibiotics and analgesics to calm the pain and stop the bacterial advance.

Dental or periapical abscess

Called phlegmon soft tissue infection but a more advanced state with the appearance of pus in the area


Soft tissue infection that covers the crown of the molars that are erupting, causing pain and inflammation

Acute gingivitis

Inflammation of the gums sometimes causing bleeding, bad breath, pain in the gums, bleeding, etc., are some of the symptoms and immediate treatment with antibiotics is necessary.

Emergencies due to mucosal inflammation:

Cold sores

They are the known ulcers or sores that appear in the mucous tissue (inside of the cheeks, base of the gums, veil of the palate, tongue and inside of the lips). They are very painful and of viral origin.


Inflammation in the mucosa of the structures of the mouth such as cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, throat or base of the mouth, if it causes severe pain it is important that the emergency dentist can administer a treatment to alleviate it.

Emergencies due to trauma or after a dental treatment

Dental fracture

If you fall or receive a trauma in the mouth area, one or several teeth may be affected. Whether it is the fracture of a small portion of the crown as if there is exposure of the pulp, the root of the tooth or the alveolar bone that lodges it, Closest Dentist Office Manhattan will apply the most appropriate treatment in order to save the tooth.

Post-exodontia hemorrhage

When the bleeding caused by the extraction of a tooth is prolonged in time more than usual.


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