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Main Security Cameras and Their Features

Posted by dhammatek in Shopping on January 8th, 2018

A closed-circuit television camera or CCTV is an electronic gadget used for security purposes in home, offices and other establishments. These electronic devices are highly effective in combating crime. Unlike security guards, these devices record every activity that is taking place, but it has been seen that CCTV cameras have helped in reducing the occurrences of crime in that monitored area. It is worth to note that by just installing CCTV cameras in your premises, you can’t be fully assured about your security, as these devices only record the video of activity that can be further presented in court as evidence.

Buy CCTV Camera Online, Home Security Cameras

If you are planning to Buy CCTV Camera Online or offline, it is essential to know its features to find the best-suitable camera. Dome camera, Bullet camera, Speed Dome Camera and Box Camera are some common types of surveillance cameras available in the market. As each camera works differently, so it is suitable to use for different purposes. Prior to purchasing a camera, it is essential to know about the available types of cameras. This knowledge will help you in choosing the best camera for your requirement.

1. Dome Camera

These indoor security cameras are widely used for providing optimum surveillance as they are not easily noticeable and conspicuous. These cameras are also famous with the name of Home Security Cameras in the market. This can be ideally used for the front door in homes and offices. Dome cameras frequency is quite good and so, they have the capability to zoom in on every activity that is taking place inside the premises. Many types of dome cameras are available in the market that can be used for surveillance purpose.

2. Bullet Camera

Because of its bullet-like shape, this camera is known as bullet camera. Because of its weather-proof build, bullet cameras can be used to monitor the outside area. Whether it is daytime or night, this device records everything very clearly, so it is ideal to use for surveillance purpose of commercial and public places.

3. Speed Dome Camera

It is an advanced version of Dome camera and it provides high-quality images. Installation is extremely easy and you can adjust its backup memory system in case of power failure.

4. Box Camera

This extremely popular camera comes in different colors and comes with great lens replacement features. This camera can easily record every tiny movement of the premises. This camera is ideal if you desire high-quality surveillance camera. From an online store, you can conveniently Buy CCTV Camera Online from the comfort of your home, that too at the best price.



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