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How to use lampignons to decorate for a party

Posted by abigaylemark in Entertainment on January 5th, 2018

Try decorating differently this time. Use lampignons like never before. It’s all about proper usage of space. So, it’s better to dekoartikel kaufen after deciding on the venue. Every space has its own story to tell. The way you will decorate for a house party will not match with a large wedding reception or birthday bash. Lawns, gardens, pool-sides and other outdoor space needs special attention if they are a part of the event. You can use the following ideas to decorate your party in a new and fun way.

Using paper lanterns as the backdrop

When it comes to making a difference, it’s all about how creatively you can decorate with the same materials. For instance, if you have paper lanterns and you want to make them the backdrop for the whole reception or simply one for a photo booth then you can try to arrange them asymmetrically in columns with large to small lanterns attached together with a string. You can have five or six columns like that, depending on how wide the wall is. Try this with light coloured lanterns like peach or blue.

Lampignons as the sky above

When it comes to decorating the ceiling with paper lamps, use it together with cloth spread out from the centre of the room and covering the entire width to the side of the wall. Hang paper lamps in random order, in medium to large strings, all over the room. It is better to use white or rose pink shades of lanterns so that even a large party room can be covered. This is a very good method to decorate a large space within a low budget. You can also hang honeycomb balls in between the lanterns to fill in the gaps without crowding it too much.

Outdoor decoration with paper lamps

Evenings are really the best for making full use of paper lanterns. If there are trees then use the branches to hang the lamps. Use colourful lanterns so that a multi-coloured effect comes across. Another good way of using the paper lanterns is by making a backdrop on a branch of the tree, in the same way as we discussed earlier. Do dekoartikel kaufen because you will find use for these decorative items. Balloons, confetti and tassels can be a good accompaniment to the lanterns. You can create wedding aisles using balloons and tassels while making a backdrop with paper lamps.

Paper lamps can work both ways for you – they can actually play the role of lanterns or simply another addition to the family of paper decoration. If you want to go bold then use different shades to create a multi-coloured look, else you can use lighter shades like peach, blue or white. They allow you to experiment apart from lighting up the event space. You can choose to go monotone and no one will seem to mind. The idea is to use the lanterns with other decoration pieces in such a way that you can create the ambience you are looking for.

If you know how to use lampignons and unique dekoartikel kaufen properly then you can expect a beautiful ambience for the next event.


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