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Benefit from live chat optimization

Posted by sylvanmark in Business on December 30th, 2017

Integrating live chat on e-commerce platforms is one of the best ideas to attract customers and guide them into making a purchase. Nevertheless, live chat optimization is required for improved efficiency, communication and overall customer service. The good news is that there are solutions offered by specialists that use advanced algorithms for artificial intelligence and conversational commerce.


Online shopping is the most convenient form of buying and this is available for many people nowadays. However, some are reticent to the choice because they miss the interaction with a person that can help them make a choice and answer all their questions. Instead of losing customers and see how they leave the online shop, it is best to figure out a solution. Luckily, it exists, and it comes in the form or live chat support. It means that someone within the company is connected on the website and on the chatting platform and interacts with visitors, greeting them and asking them how they can be of any help.


There is almost no waiting time for customers, as they get answers in less than a minute. Meanwhile, they can browse through the website, look for the products or services they need and think of what questions to ask. The same applies to live chat agents, they can answer to multiple customers at once and they can check out product availability, stocks, shipping and more. This is possible through live chat optimization, as things might not go very smoothly from the beginning. Chat agents can be trained by an expert and there is no need to hire an additional person for the job, since there are other solutions available.


Artificial intelligence and conversational commerce offers the chance for businesses to train their agents. The solution evaluates conversations and reactions from customers, how efficient chat agents are and then present ways of improvement and what can be done to create a better experience for customers. It is a lot better when actual solutions are found and when examples are given. Chat agents will receive professional assistance and they will become sale experts, knowing how to convince potential buyers into making large purchases and offering exceptional customer service each time.


Staying on top of the competition is not an easy process, by far. There are so many ideas that can be implemented and many techniques, strategies, but the important part is obtaining the most from them. What can be better than witnessing increased sales and revenue and customers that keep coming back? Live chat sessions need to be taken seriously and they are an important asset to online brands. Investing in your team means investing in your business and doing everything possible to gain more clients and to satisfy their needs, convert them to online shopping for good.


Have you considered live chat optimization for your online business? If you have live chat agents and want to improve the experience for your customers, find out how you can take advantage of artificial intelligence and conversational commerce.


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