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What about realising 2 versions of MLB

Posted by Rskingdom in Environment on April 3rd, 2019

I fully agree with you that M2O can make Franchise mode a more immersive style if they had been to give the choice to hop in and outside. I am one of those few who prefer to play each match of my franchise. While I seldom make it over a year or two in every cycle, I love to Buy MLB 19 Stubs be more hands on with my own results. I'm extremely excited to try out M2O and see how it actually plays out. I would love to see that it incorporate the minor leagues in some manner and enlarge to more franchise options. I also think that the new mode will be a gateway for more of these casual fans into Franchise mode. It mixes the rewards for DD using a new entry into the Franchise experience and gives users a opportunity to enjoy a mode which they may not have otherwise. I do not mind giving them a couple of years to find out what they think of.

What about realising 2 versions of MLB. 1 of DD And all those other modes they have ( wich I dont play much of ) and also a only Franchise style perhaps at half price. In this manner they can satisfied both Fan base players. I know alot of ppl family and friends that perform and love Franchise style. ? I like how they added actual contracts to franchise. However they need to add better free agency displays. Along with seeing your budget this past year. In addition, I feel as though they need to add editing to contracts from the edit player option. However I want to manage my team like commerce, draft and sign. And I like to play minor league games.

I enjoy franchise style the way it is. Maybe mixing in the option of march to october attributes inside. But I play Franchise through multiple seasons. Many of them. But also doing the off season things and rolling in the next season. . Also attempting to receive my players to get or beat records, etc.. . So I dont want to lose franchise. I'd like to see it upgraded a bit with more features, more in game personalisation. Park responses, on subject personalities, guest commentary. More realistic developments. I am a fan of the franchise. Also maybe add a bit more narrative line cut scenes to MLB The Show 19 Stubs for sale it like NBA 2K. Or Live. They 100% definitely have to do this with RTTS... This should have been completed a couple of decades ago. Like the NBA Games are doing...


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