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The Feasible & Very Lucrative Commercial Solar

Posted by errohitbhardwaj in Environment on March 29th, 2019

Solar panels for businesses might seem like a risky take in a complex and confusing market, but have you ever given it a thought that commercial solar can be a feasible option for your organization?


If you think your organization can afford to make a major investment in something that will be environmentally good rather than a strategic financial decision, then it is the right time to opt for commercial solar panels.


Today, going solar is like joining the growing chorus of smart business owners who have discovered that commercial solar panels are a great fit for small to mediums sized businesses. Businesses of different sizes are capitalizing on the financial opportunities of commercial solar and are proving that a solar energy system is a key strategic decision that guarantees a good financial return for the business.


Benefits of Renewable Energy for Commercial Use


Decreased equipment and installation costs aren’t the only reason for your business to choose commercial solar, but there are many other factors that can facilitate your business to diminish the out-of-pocket cost for the solar system.


  • Performance Based Incentives: PBIs are a way for entrepreneurs to receive payment from their utility for the solar electricity that their system generates. The incentives can be significant, as PBIs also include solar renewable energy certificates. The investment can greatly enhance financial returns for system owners over the life of the system.

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit:The most significant financial benefit for anyone interested in using solar panels at their business or residence is federal investment tax credit. Entrepreneurs who have recently installed solar panel systems get a federal tax credit of 30% percent of the cost of the system.

  • Accelerated depreciation: Businesses can subtract 85% of the value of the solar asset from the taxes, providing another important offset to the upfront cost of a system array.


Commercial Solar Panel Installation Cost


So, how much would commercial solar panel installation cost?


Well, the price of buying and installing solar panels have dropped considerably in the past few years and this has made the economics of solar even more attractive.


Usually, the system size is measured in watts. It is dependent on how much electricity would be needed for the business. The cost of a solar panel system is measured in dollars per watt and according to EnergySage, the average commercial system was priced at .87/Watt before any rebates or incentives.


Commercial solar panels are a smart capital investment for businesses with short payback periods and steady financial returns. So are you ready to hedge against rising energy prices?

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