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Physical Therapy Used By Chiropractors

Posted by chiropracticcompany in Health on December 26th, 2017

People suffering from the pain including joint pain, back pain or muscle pain usually think that a chiropractor can easily adjust their misalignment. After getting corrected this misalignment from chiropractors, further pain relief is up to themselves or on the drug. But this is not true. Normally, physical therapy (also known as physiotherapy) is used by many chiropractors to alleviate the soft tissue inflammation. But, many chiropractors advice to consume nutritional food as inflammation is usually caused because of nutritional deficiencies.

A chiropractor usually makes use of an alternative medical therapy known as myofascial release to relax the muscle tension. Just like Spiderman’s suit hugs his body, myofascial is a connective tissue that wraps around the body from head to toe very strongly. Myofascial is like a plastic wrap film that overlaps the entire body. It can easily hold the tension and become sticky. On your movement, you want myofascial to be slippery and slide over itself and your tissues.

Chiropractor Physical Therapy

A chiropractor in physical therapy can also make use of a manual or mechanical traction to alleviate the pain. This chiropractor physical therapy is a stretching of your neck muscles to relieve the pain from the neck area. For this, your chiropractor will help you in stretching your neck forward in the direction from chin to chest. To increase the motion range of your neck, your chiropractor might ask you to stretch from side to side.

At occasions, when you are driving and you might often feel some tension at your neck region because of turning your head to look over your shoulder, in that case, you will need to do some stretching of your neck and shoulder area. You can learn it by yourself if you have no injury. It will be best if you learn a couple of exercises for your neck and shoulder area from your chiropractors. It is worth to note that neck stretching can also be very helpful to relieve the headache pain.

Third therapy used by chiropractors is an ultrasound therapy. It is a deep tissue treatment done with the use of sound waves. The sound waves give a heating effect in your muscles which increases the flow of the blood. This helps carry away the waste i.e., lactic acids in the muscles. Ultrasound therapy increases circulation to the area which further brings nutrients.

In chiropractic therapy, these two methods are often used along with adjustments to realign the cranial bones, spinal vertebrae, and shoulder/leg/arm/foot joints.

If you never went through this therapy at a chiropractic clinic, you will be surprised to see its results. After a detailed diagnosis, your chiropractic will recommend what will be the best treatment for you.


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