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Fleet Management Software Solutions

Posted by NowlesNorman in Other on December 24th, 2017

Various industries like manufacturing, supply chain management, public transportation etc., where a requirement arises to manage differently sized fleets of vehicles as well as other wheeled devices, fleet management tracking software can come into play. Stricter emission regulations and the rise in the cost of fuel also leads to the requirement of fleet management system on a centralized basis. Organizations resort to fleet management software solutions to cope with the increasing challenges. It helps them to increase the effectiveness of their services, revenue and stand out in the crowd. These solutions are meant to implement a centralized setup for the management of various factors like vehicle lifecycle, drivers, maintenance, economic use of fuel, dispatching of vehicles, health and safety issues, tracking through GPS etc.

It can be utilized to observe and control the performance of drivers which includes hard braking, idle time, late starters, speed limits, detours etc.; optimizing of fuel consumption, designing the routes, tracking the health and safety compliance, management of the vehicle lifecycle beginning from purchase to disposal,managing incidents and work order management.

The systems are capable enough to formulate distinct strategies and utilization of assets.

  • Applications of fleet management software systems:
  • Organizations offering large field services need the fleet management software systems to enhance the perceptibility and utilization of fleet vehicles. To increase the overall performance, real-time perception of the service technicians, vehicles, parts, and resources is necessary.
  • Public transportation like cab services,bus services, rapid transit,airlines,trolleys, etc. be planned out using fleet management software systems to monitor the safety of the driver and vehicles, plan the changing routes as they are dynamic in nature and collection of fares.
  • It provides real-time access to the vehicle location and status, thus highly beneficial for logistics buyers which comprise various delivery services like supply chain managers and third-party freight transporters, who are directly answerable to their clients.
  • The smart fuel management tool in the system helps in managing the large distances covered by the vehicles throughout the year.
  • Construction companies involved in long-term contracts like the construction of roads, commercial projects etc. require heavy machinery can use the fleet management software systems concentrate on maintenance, parts inventory and compliance with safety and emission standards.
  • Trends in fleet management software:
  • Implementing different techniques that can let managers identify the weaknesses and coach the drivers to drive well without facing accidents, like the "score carding" technique to measure the performance of the driver based on factors like braking, mileage, speeding, idle time,adherence, schedule etc.
  • Using telematics, which involves the use of embedded sensors to diagnose the performance, location and transmit it to an administrative system, to encourage preventive maintenance strategies like monitoring the vehicle components for heat, vibration, pressure, etc. remotely, to identify the breakdowns much before they occur.
  • Since fuel price comprises a major portion of the cost of fleet operations, fleet management software solutions help in the economic use of the fuel which includes tracking the consumption, optimization of the route etc.
  • Implementing cloud technology in fleet management makes it accessible to everyone easily, as the companies can simply purchase it by paying a subscription price which is termed as "SaaS" model (Software as a service), a low maintenance IT tool.

A range of fleet management software solutions is available in the market with varying pricing, features and usage, which must be utilized by the company to achieve greater efficiency. For a company managing a vast fleet, it is essential to know that the software should be able to quickly identify the vehicles with its specifications.



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