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Bio- Identical Hormone Replacement: Insights To The Treatment

Posted by sivannahealth in Health on December 14th, 2017

Bio-identical hormone replacements are naturally occurring compounds or chemicals that are found in plants. They substitute the low levels of hormones in the human body by imitating the effects of the real hormones generated in the body.

The main hormones (derivatives of the plants) progesterone, estradiol, and estriol, are naturally occurring estrogens. Women consume these hormones during menopause or before commencement of the menopause. Menopause is a natural process in women and is usually accompanied by various transformations within the body. During this time, the hormones, that were formerly required for menstrual regulation, vary extensively.

Estrogen is a crucial hormone in a women's body development and a decline occurs due to ovarian failure , which marks the inception of menopause. The diverse hormonal imbalances at the time of menopause cause several symptoms such as insomnia, depression, mood swings, night sweating, headaches, aging and other symptoms.

There are diverse treatment procedures, which are used to balance these hormones in women. However, one of the most commonly used processes is the use of natural hormone replacements that are usually prepared with natural herbs and materials found in nature like wild yam or soy. It is significant to note that the effects of these hormonal replacements differ in diverse individuals because of the different deviations in hormone levels.

The latest developments in medical technologies are proficient to produce personalized hormone replacement plans and programs for diverse individuals. These solutions are now obtainable to numerous women and are successful in meeting individual wants. The replacement helps women both physically and psychologically and relieves the symptoms connected with menopause. Bio-identical hormones replacement can be done both topically and sublingually.

Steps involved in Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy:

You need to begin with a session with a specialist physician. Ensure you work with a qualified professional experienced in this particular field.

Simple tests like urine, blood and saliva samples over a period of 24 hours are required to examine the level of hormones in your body. An all-inclusive map of levels is conducted to pinpoint the scarcity and extremes if any.

Once getting the results, the experts determine the precise therapy regimen . A specific mix of good quality compounded hormones is used to set the proper balance in your body.

The creams are provided that can be used transdermally, or gels. Patches are also used in several cases.

Once the treatment is started, the benefits are evident in a couple of months. You will feel less tried and generally full of energy and refreshed as the stamina will improve significantly.

Bio- Identical Hormone Replacement is a comprehensive treatment for not only women but for anyone suffering from significant or severe health issues related to stress. To know more visit


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