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Opal Gemstone, Nowadays in the Trend

Posted by Dhanshreegems in Shopping on March 8th, 2019

Opal gemstone is in trend nowadays. There are a lot of benefits of opal gemstone. It is a condensed substance which contains water or we can say it is a hydrate amorphous. This gemstone is a non- crystalline solid. It is a form of silica. The water content present in this stone may range by weight from 3 to 21%. Usually, the water content is between 6 to 10%. We classed it as a mineraloid because of its amorphous form. We can see opal gemstone from any rock, but mostly we found with sandstone, Mari, limonite, rhyolite, and basalt. It is the national gemstone of Australia. We can buy opal gemstone online in different colors.

It is a white colored semi-precious opal gemstone in the form of silicate mineral family. The stone gets recognized for its excellent ‘play of colors.’ We can buy opal online. Usually, we wear this precious astrological diamond for the success in creative pursuits, for getting high social status, to be the part of a luxurious lifestyle, for marital harmony, and good health.

Types of Opal gemstone:

Precious opal

There are present a lot of molecules of silicon dioxide that get arranged in tightly packed planes. There are varieties of interior colors playing inside the precious opal.

Common opal

There are other kinds of common opal that include milky opal, resin opal, wood opal, menilite, hyalite, geyserites, etc. A hazy-milky-turbid sheen gets displayed from within the gemstone.

Other varieties

The different types of opal gemstone include fire opal, Mexican opal, Girasol opal, Peruvian opal, etc.

Let us discuss the various sources of buying opal stone:

Opal gemstone is very rare in antiquity. Before the 19th century, we got this stone from Cervenica which was beyond the Roman frontier in Slovakia. After that, the vast deposits of it got opened in Australia.

Nowadays, with extensive technology and innovations, you can buy opal stone online. You can buy opal online at wholesale prices and even sometimes on sale.

Buying online on different prices:

There is a vast wholesale market for buying opal gemstones online. There are the varieties of websites from where you can but this stone. You can get opal stone online from various shops at different prices. The value of Opal in the market mainly depends on the origin, shape, color, carat weight of the rock. Its cost gets also affected by the demand and supply cycle of the stone because of its popularity in the Indian and International market.


In India, the Opal stone price starts from Rs 250 per carat which is around , and it can land up to Rs 5,000 per carat which is approximately . The price depends upon certain factors which are as follows:




Fire intensity and pattern



Buying online from Gem Pundit

There is a massive inventory of Opal gems at the most budget-friendly prices for sale. The price range is up to Rs 72,885 per 70 carats in Ethiopia, and the price is up to Rs 15000 per 78 carats in Australia.

Who should wear this precious astrological diamond?

In Hindi, opal stone’s meaning is Upai and in Sanskrit, its means Opala which represents the planet, Venus. This stone should be worn to counteract the malefic effects of weak Venus in the person’s birth chart. This stone will help in bringing physical well-being, financial prosperity, and functional social status. According to Indian astrology, we recommend Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi to wear this stone. According to Western astrology, we recommend people with Libra sign to wear this stone. People with Capricorn, Gemini, Aquarius, and Virgo also wear this gemstone.

Are you excited to know the benefits of opal gemstone?

Opal gemstone gets always recognized for its aesthetic charm and astrological properties. In recent past years, many popular jewelry brands and fashion houses have been promoting this stone as a jewelry gemstone. Opal acts as a blessing wrapped in the beauty for those people who believe in its metaphysical properties. For such people, this stone helps to cope up with the harsh and challenging situations of life.

The opal stone benefits are:

Improving the financial and social status of the wearer

For blissful matrimonial life

To get success in creative ventures

To get relief in the liver, Endocrine, and Urinary Disorders



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