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Enjoy America’s Favorite Condiment- The Best Ranch Dressing

Posted by Pocketsonline in Food on March 8th, 2019

With awareness about the importance of enjoying a good health and fitness, many people have added salads to their daily meals. It is the best way to enjoy raw, fresh and crunchy veggies replete with essential nutrients and minerals. With the popularity of salads, a lot of salad dressings also came into use. One of the dressings that is quite favorite in America and considered as its greatest condiment is ranch dressing. It enhances the flavor of the food and is buttermilk is used to make it. It is undoubtedly one of the most ubiquitous salad dressings that is enjoyed by not only Americans but also people all across the world.

Ranch Dressing- Some Facts

There was a time when this dressing fell from favor of some of the best chefs, but it made a comeback and is now used in some of the most popular restaurants in America. It is used on a variety of foods, whether it is salads or sandwiches or a slow-cooked beef dish. It is generously poured over these dishes which imparts a truly typical and unique flavor to them. Today, it is used more as a dipping sauce. It can go on a side with pizza crusts, hot wings, and French Fries. It is herbaceous, tangy, savory, creamy and comforting. It is quite good in taste and augment the flavor of other dishes bringing the best out of them.

Restaurant’s Favorite Condiment

Many restaurants and caterers go looking for the best ranch dressing that help their patrons to double up their enjoyment of their best served dishes. It is served with a variety of dishes. People love its tangy taste. This simple dressing which came into existence around 1950 is now ruling the world of foodies like never before. It was created by a man names Steve Henson who used to live at the fringes of civilization in the Alaskan Bush. In 1954, he started selling his invention in bottles and a dry mix. It soon captured the attention of food lovers and it started being used quite liberally. In 1992, it gained popularity as one of the best salad dressings and since then, it has not seen any dip in sales.

Amazing Ingredients

Although this dressing is available in stores and come with preservatives thereby ensuring a long shelf-life, many restaurants prepare the dressing on their own adding something extra to impart a unique taste to this dressing. The basic ingredients include garlic powder, parsley flakes, lemon-pepper seasoning, dried and minced chives, dried tarragon, dried oregano, salt, mayonnaise, sour cream and ranch mix. It is very easy to prepare. Many restaurants try to make a healthier and tastier version of this dressing by tweaking it a little. The dip is kept refrigerated so that it doesn’t go sour. If you love enjoying tasty and tangy dips, this ranch dressing is especially meant for you. If you are visiting a restaurant, do not forget to ask for this dressing and enjoy a tastier version of the dish.

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