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All about the Franking Machine

Posted by mailcoms in Business on December 6th, 2017

With each passing day, the number of small businesses is also growing and so are their mailing requirements. As the businesses are growing in their size, sooner or later they will also realize to develop a strategy to optimize their time-consuming mailing tasks which is important to maintain their business operations.

Franking, Franking Machine Suppliers

As soon as, you get through this article, you will get to know the basics and its importance of a postmark machine. Through this article, you will be able to know the benefits, costs, and features for this postage machine, so that the business owners can pick the best machine from a range of machines supplied by franking machine suppliers.

Franking Basics

  • Simple solutions

As franking used to refer to any kind of postage materialization, the introduction of this machine has given a new meaning to self-calculated, automatic stamp.

Before thinking about purchasing a postage machine, business owners first need to restructure their mailing operations a bit. This could be done by considering simple alternatives such as stamp rolls or prepaid envelopes.

  • Postage rates and postage price:

It is important to note that rate of postage differs between stamps and postage. The business price policy of Royal Mail is to offer good discounts on stamp. Let us understand this with an example, a 100gm letter of first-class postage will cost 62p when stamped and the same postage will cost 50p when franked.

  • The Mailmark evolution:

A new postage system introduced by Royal Mail is Mailmark. This is a postage system with a 2D barcode containing machine-readable information that has all the details related to who sent the item, to whom, and where. This mailmark offers great reassurance over other modes of postage. It also offers great discounts on postage that is offered by Royal Mail.

Features, Benefits and Costs of Franking Machine

A postage machine is widely used by the business owners to print the price of the accurate postage directly onto the envelope or on self-adhesive labels. A postage machine with more advanced features may also have an automatic envelope feeder, built-in scale, folder and inserter, document feeder, advanced software that is linked to the network of the auditor. This machine operates as full mailing robots to process the mailing items at a good speed.

Importance of this Machine

With all aforementioned benefits and features, it directly improves the productivity of the business as it provides a professional image on every mailed item. It makes sure that the correct postage price will be paid.


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