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Perfect To Rest Your Wet Body - Best Beach Towel

Posted by leustowels in Business on November 30th, 2017

Here in Southern California we pretty much can use a best beach towel anytime of the year. That is one of the perks of living in one of the most beautiful states in the country, and it wouldn’t be a stretch for me to say, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Granted, I am a bit biased since I do live in Los Angeles.

We have such a great diversity in people, our two most common denominators that I can think of is, the love for water and leisure.

You can find me at a pool during most times of the year, I’m properly equipped with my large beach towel, which is totally awesome since it does have really cool print on it. I also carry lots of sunscreen… I burn easy, what can I say! Lastly, a big bottle of water, got to stay hydrated people!

If I’m not at the pool, guess where I’m at? Yup, the beach! Same regimens like the pool, but I may throw in a bag of chips in my tote.  Well actually, I may throw in a changing towel in addition to my beach towel.  The girlfriend likes to bring a beach poncho since she gets cold easily. She does look cute in it though!

If you haven’t visited a beach in California yet, you have a lot of them to choose from. They line the outer edges of our state, up and down the coast. Beaches all the way up in the San Francisco area, down to La Jolla. They all offer something different, yet beautiful in their own way. Depending on what types of people and scenery you’re into, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Beaches are one of our states main attractions. People from all over the world visit, there are tons of activities too. Whether you like water sports, or just walking in the sand, it’s a total score either way.

What I like to do is, borrow my girlfriend’s beach poncho and take a bike ride down to the bike path that follows the seashore. I normally do this in the early morning, around 5 am. I get to see the sunrise and it’s absolutely breathtaking! This helps to set the tone in my day. I’m truly spoiled, but when in Rome, or Venice Beach!

I mentioned earlier how my beach towel has really cool print, it does and I really love how I can express my sense of style with the towel I bought from LEUS. I was turned on to LEUS by my girlfriend, that’s where she got her beach poncho.

The towel I got from them has a huge great white shark on it, so rad! It’s super soft and large. They have many other prints that you can choose from, and they are a southern California based company, so you can have a piece of California with you wherever you may be. Check out LEUS towels at


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