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Posted by Jmartinproduction in Business on February 28th, 2019

Considering there is increased consumption and need of video content, with the statistics pointing to users spending 40 minutes a day, on average, watching YouTube on mobile devices, it is crucial to have your business’s video marketing game on point. You can not expect your company to expand its customers base and revenue generation by simplifying following old digital marketing strategies. You need video marketing to escalate your business’ growth because as per social media today, a business’s conversion rate is significantly increased by adding a video in the email or landing page or creating an explainer video.

Given the staggering statistics, it is advisable that you only let a professional corporate video production company manage your organization/business video marketing in a time and cost efficient manner.  

You are thinking about why should you invest in a corporate video production company when you can do it on your own?

Because there is a strong possibility that with the limited knowledge, tool, and technology, you will end up spending more on damage control than you planned on saving with our DIY’S.

Wondering how?

Let us talk about the common mistake people make while producing a video instead of hiring a corporate video production company:


Every marketing campaign is dependent on technicalities to a significant extent. Yes, the concept is important, but the execution is going to gather audience and garner revenue, right? The portable camera, adequate lighting, a stabilizer for the camera, transcription service/software, lavalier mic and more make for essential video production equipment. Not everybody is aware of the technicalities that go into creating good quality, and the expertise decides the success of the marketing campaign. Purchasing and maintaining these can put a lot of strain on the financial health of the business. Why bother in-house with the task of regular maintenance and to stay abreast with the updates, when you can hire a video


We understand that you have a plethora of creative ideas of how to present our content and you want this one shot of yours to be the best one, but overburdening video content or a dragging video is not a good idea, as it might do more harm than good. You should understand that a user’s attention span is short lived. If they get overwhelmed in the first few seconds with the quantity of the content and have to wait 5 minutes for your ad to make sense to them, they would skip it. Only a professional corporate video production company will have the right strategy to send the message across your target audience in a crisp video.


Haphazard editing will draw negative attention and reflect on your video view and click rates. This goes without saying but editing is a critical part of the video production and marketing campaign, and hence significant time should be invested in it to make sure that it creates a long-lasting and favorable impact. Badly synced audio, poorly video cuts, using heavy or mainstream graphics, unable to decide which moment to an emphasis on and which one to focus microseconds on and more are the mistakes you end up doing because of lack of knowledge.

Now that you have realized what all of your brands is at stake, why bother wasting time and pivotal internal resources on video production, when you can hire a corporate video production company, which efficiently manages this while you invest in achieving your business's objectives?


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