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Serious Games and Their Efficiency

Posted by Sarah Addyson in Other on February 28th, 2019

Numerous people have avoided using Serious Games because of the misconceptions that exist about them. Individuals assume that these are pricey, complicated, time consuming, inefficient and not engaging but the truth is that they do not know much about them. Would you like to create a serious game from scratch? This is now possible thanks to innovative eLearning tools. You can become familiar with serious game development and create all sorts of learning simulations without any difficulty, without running into technical difficulties. Game authoring tools that are available on the market make serious game design a lot simpler than it used to be.


As far as cost is concerned, it is common knowledge that serious game design was expensive. You had to pay for the setup, for the graphical environment and the game development itself. Nowadays things have changed and new authoring tools enable you to save money while creating 3D simulations for your business or doing other projects that require serious games developing. Web authoring tools are great because they do not require any maintenance, they are up to date and they can be accessed from any laptop or computer. 


How much time does it take to develop a bespoke eLearning game? This is a frequently-asked question. It used to be time-consuming to develop serious games; this involved creating all the content, transmitting it to the agency and entering into a project management stage to ensure things went as planned. Nowadays Serious Games Designers use the latest eLearning technology to create and edit serious games. It is possible to create a game from scratch without spending a lot of time. The most difficult part is creating the pedagogical content that will be used in the training simulation. With proper guidance serious games development will only take a few days instead of months.


When developing a serious game, it is important to know how to engage learners, to cater to their needs so that they do not get bored. A successful serious game is one with a high engagement rate. The good news is that a serious game enables learners to select their own character and to interact with objects and elements of the module. Serious games are both entertaining and effective and individuals who have fun during learning simulations will enjoy practicing over and over again. This makes the learning module you create successful.


Serious game design focuses on enabling learners to apply the knowledge they have and to have fun in this process. In the serious game environment, learners experience all sorts of situations and they have to make all sorts of choices. Using content to make practical choices is definitely far more effective than simply receiving information and trying to memorize it. Overall, serious games have a great instruction potential due to their innovative way of engaging and motivating learners. 


Learners have the possibility to practice their knowledge, to consolidate their skills and to combine data storage with entertainment. We are not saying that all serious games are successful; we are saying that a team of skilled designers can help you create a serious game that will generate the desired results. After all, this is the whole point of developing a serious game, isn’t it? Learning is a lot more efficient when it is fun and you should keep this in mind if you have second thoughts about serious games and their success rate. 


Resource box: It is our pleasure to introduce you into the world of Serious Games design. We can help you create off-the-shelf gaming products and we do our best to cater to the needs of our customers and to top their expectations. Our Serious Games Designers have in-depth knowledge in this field and they are happy to work with you and to help you create a product you will be proud of. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and how we work. 



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