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Polyurethane vs. Feather Mattress Toppers

Posted by hotelhomeaustralia in Home on February 27th, 2019

Do you know instead of replacing the mattress you can buy a mattress topper to get the sleeping comfort back? Mattress toppers are an ideal bedding product that every homeowner should buy to get sleeping comfort like a 5-star luxury hotel. A high-quality mattress topper is a synonym of comfort and luxury. The interior market of mattress topper in Brisbane offer different materials of mattress toppers and among them, polyurethane and feather mattress toppers are top sellers. People like to choose any of them for their home. We will discuss which one is well-suitable and why.

Polyurethane Mattress Toppers

Polyurethane is a versatile elastomer used in countless applications in every corner of the world. It is a man-made foam which is composed of a polymer. The material doesn't melt when heated and is waterproof. It is lightweight and durable.

The material comes in wide ranges of hardness. Consumers can buy mattress toppers of the material considering its hardness which can range from 20 Shore A to 85 Shore D. The material has a high load capacity in both compression and tension. The soft polyurethane takes the shape under a heavy load and returns back to its original shape once the load is removed. The material is flexible and has excellent elongation property. The material posses high tear resistance with high tensile.

Polyurethane is resistant to fungal, mold and mildew. Therefore, it is well suitable for tropical environments. The price of polyurethane mattress toppers is varied. The size and hardness play an important role in its pricing.

Feather Mattress Toppers

Feather has been using for centuries for mattress, pillows, and comforters. Nowadays, the feather is using to manufacture high-quality mattress toppers. The natural filling of mattress toppers gives the comfort of sleeping on a cloud that a polyurethane mattress topper cannot give.

Modern design feather mattress toppers have changed the way you look at them. The product is comfortable for every person. Consumers who have back pain can also buy the product. Modern design feather toppers are built with modern technique. A top quality feather mattress topper has several chambers and each chamber has an equal filling of feather. These chambers distribute the weight of the body evenly, so it gives support to your back.

The top quality cotton fabric layer gives smooth migration of small feather and no spilling of feather is possible. The product contains 10% of Down and 60% of small feathers. Each chamber contains a generous amount of down to lock airs and make the topper soft. It reduces the noise while tossing on the bed. Like polyurethane, it gets back into its original shape after some time when the load is removed.

Feather mattress toppers are expansive than polyurethane toppers, but the quality of a feather topper is exceptional. You will get the sleeping comfort of 5-star luxury hotels. Buy the mattress topper in Australia from a reliable retailer. You can trust the retailer that supplies its products to top hotels of Australia and has been in the industry for years.


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