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Glittering in the classical style with opal stone

Posted by DhanshreeGems in Shopping on February 27th, 2019

Planning to Buy opal stone online?? Worry about quality and more. No worries. Here is Dhanshree Gems for you, Buy 100% quality opal stone online from Dhanshree Gems.

Opal stone price may vary depending upon the quality. Opal stone price range starts from Rs. 900/- per carat to Rs. 5,000/- per carat as per its quality. Opal stone with undesirable colors or with cracks may come cheaper.

Choose best opal stone from Dhanshree Gems. We are always for you to provide the best Opal stone. Don't hesitate to contact us. Dhanshree Gems is your best choice always.

Opal stone is a semiprecious gemstone. Opal stone is the stone of charm, beauty, grace, and richness. It provides the wearer with financial prosperity and immensely helps those who are in professions like travel, tourism, and export-import. This gorgeous opal stone is a natural one. It comes in different colors. One of its very dark in hue (black) with medium green fire. It is cabbed in a calibrated oval shape and more. Suitable for setting in fine jewelry - a gorgeous large pendant or ring stone! A lovely, very dark, semi-translucent, high quality, genuine black opal gemstone! See the stylish jewelry with opal stones at Dhanshree Gems.

Dhanshree Gems provides you natural and pure quality opal gemstone at a reasonable price.


Opal stones have been associated with mystic and supernatural powers as well as clairvoyance throughout history.

Want to know about Opal stone benefits? Here you see how opal stone useful to you.

Benefits of Opal Stone

Opal helps in gaining a higher position in the worlds. Thereby

• Good Name

• Fame and Money.

People in different sectors like music, painting, movie artists, dancing and more can get many benefits as well as good chances in their field by wearing an opal gemstone.

Also, opal stone benefits medically, Endocrine System and it helps on to keep the balance of hormonal secretion of person.

• It is believed to purify the blood.

• Helps in purify kidney system.

• It is beneficial to the nervous system.

• Opal is believed to improve bodily functions, especially, effective in curing Urinary disorders and kidney problems.

Opal is a gemstone of love, romantic relationship. Opal gemstone also helps to get worldly comforts of life as per astrology. It can resolve many problems associated with various part of life.


Before first use of opal gemstone, dip it in the cleaning solution overnight. This will detoxify it and ridding it of negative energies.

Use it as a pendant, bracelet or ring.


For the best results, use the opal stone as a ring or a pendant.

Forgetting the best results by wearing opal gemstone, contact us as our team of experts will guide you through wearing it as per astrologer suggestion.


Dhanshree Gems is one of the best organizations that hold the prestigious ISO Certification for expertise in the perfect use of Gemstones based on years-old research and experience.

The opal stones are considered to be stones of hopes, positive actions, and achievements. Opal gemstones are called as “Queen of gems" and the eve of the gods that can bring psychic stability and the capacity to share. In addition, these gemstones also enhance the beauty of wears outstanding to excellent finishing and luster.

We are specializing in personally collecting the best quality season-based. For this, we have skilled artisans who are well trained in thread, gold and silver artworks.

We have emerged as one of the well-known consultants for recommending a wide range of opal gemstones according to different astrological aspects.

Has not time to go and buy opal stone, in your busy schedule? Just a few minutes only. Order with us online.

Don’t miss any joyful movement, opal stone buy online from Dhanshree Gems and enjoy each and every movement of your life happily. Dhanshree Gems always welcome you to provide best opal stone for customers. Proud to say that – Our Happy customers said as - Dhanshree Gems is Best in quality.

We are able to provide best quality opals at the best price. We guarantee Natural and untreated opal stones as all our Gemstones are certified by Government registered Laboratory. We also design customized Rings, pendants and Jewelry.

Available in marvelous designs and quality, Dhanshree Gems brings up the ultimate collection of natural precious and semi-precious gemstones. We are offering a huge collection of gemstones at the most competitive prices. Let us buy opal gemstone online for your loved ones.

Created opal stone ring is also a delightful gift for anyone of your beloved ones in your gift list.

Buy opal online, pure and best quality stone get your doorstep.


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