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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Flat Weave Rugs

Posted by rugsdirect in Home on February 25th, 2019

A drawing room looks aesthetically appealing and complete when it features a beautiful sofa set along with a rug which is complementing the furniture appearance. The home accessory market offers hundreds of varieties of rugs. They are divided into categories according to their fabric, weaving, pattern, and design. When it comes to selecting a rug considering its weave, flat weave rugs have no match. Why? It has many reasons. Scroll down to know.

Easy to Clean

Flat weave rugs are one of the oldest types of rugs which is lighter in weight and strong. They can be vacuumed without the risk of pulling and damage. Since the weight is light, it doesn't need many helping hands to shake to knock off loose dust particles. It means your carpet is not going to give you dust allergy. It maintains top quality hygiene levels than fur wool rugs.

Excellent for Families Children

If you have children or pets, a flat weave rug can be an excellent option to go with. The carpet is easy to clean. Moreover, it is reversible. In case, your child spills something on the carpet, you can flip it over. Both back and front parts have identical patterns. Although flat weave carpets are not so comfortable like wool ones, they can be the best play area for your child. Toys and furniture can easily slide on the carpet.

Find Your Favourite Colour & Patterns

Flatweave carpets have limited varieties for colours and patterns. Usually, when we think of flat weave, we limit ourselves to tribal patterns or fringed style rugs. Nowadays, these carpets have found a modern touch. They are now available in several different styles and colours. You can pick a stripe pattern featuring three different colours to match well to your sofa. Tie-dye and Ikat flat weave carpets are grabbing the attention of consumers because of their vibrant patterns and durability.

Ideal for Heavy Traffic

These carpets are smooth to touch but are durable. They don't shed with times like other types of rugs. The weaving is strong enough to bear the foot traffic. The walking area of the rug doesn't lose its charm easily.

Excellent to Fit Under the Furniture

A pile-less rug has the advantage to place under the furniture. Chair legs easily slide. Moreover, chairs don't tilt in case they sit half-on and half-off the rug. These durable rugs bear the weight without any damage. You should move the rug position at least once in a month. It will maintain the quality.

An Inexpensive Way to Decor Your Home

When you compare the price of cut-pile rugs with flat weave ones, the price of flat weave is cheaper. They are an inexpensive rug that you can afford to buy. It will not make a hole in your budget. Even the hand-tufted or hand-knotted flat weave carpets are cheaper. You can decore not only your drawing room but also the bedroom and the study room with these rugs.


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