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Understanding OT Security

Posted by NowlesNorman in Internet on February 22nd, 2019

Operational Technology (OT) is hardware that can catch any change in the system by directly monitoring the physical devices and process in the business. OT is common within Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and its infrastructure, being used for power control stations and public transport. OT ICS security involves different types of instrumentation such as modular panel-mounted controllers and interactive control systems that are connected to thousands of signal receivers. This type of advancing technology has converged with multiple networks all tech companies use for their own OT cyber security.

For a long time, industrial systems followed their own protocols and used their own software, all manually controlled, with no connections outside. The lack of network they controlled did not make them very likable to be attacked online. To penetrate through the system, hackers had to get physical access to a company’s terminal and that was virtually impossible. But now that more systems are connecting to each other, they did not allow themselves to become exposed to cyber hackers who can pick up their weaknesses. The rise in the cost of industrial tools and the consistent damage companies have to endure when being attacked by hackers are key factors for heavily investing in their networks.

Modifications customized may not be done due to regulations because of the changes made to the software and compliance rules require all sensitive data to be shown to third parties. This adds to the challenge to enterprises. However, it is still possible to get a secure network without disrupting operations or violating compliance laws. By using the right solutions that give a completed view of all network traffic through the correct security policies, companies can have the right OT security strategy in place that will protect their work, data, and employees.

The largest subgroup of ICS is SCADA, or the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems, which displays the process in control and provides access to certain functions. The SCADA display unit shows that process under management in displays with messages and alarms on the screen with its status. Operators use their ICS SCADA system to use the controls for any needed changes. The key importance of SCADA is the power to perform all supervised maneuvers over multiple devices. Large and small systems can be made with SCADA, such as in infrastructure (water treatment, pipelines), industrial process (power generation, refining), and traditional facilities such as airports and ships to control their HVAC systems.

There are changes taking place to improve overall OT cyber security. Companies now want to use their assets to keep investing in configurations that keep flexible and fast. It is more advantageous to use new, inexpensive IP systems that catch any possible unauthorized changes. The new OT security is easy to use and can be utilized from anywhere, even off-site. It is a growing experience for companies to keep up with their OT SCADA and OT ICS systems to stay ahead of the threats that always surround them.


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