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Lip fillers Canary Wharf

Posted by abigaylemark in Health on November 27th, 2017

Many people are looking into cosmetic procedures, because they want to look good and increase their confidence levels. A specialized skin clinic Canary Wharf has the right equipment and can perform many procedures, advising people what suits them best. Lip fillers Canary Wharf are among the popular choices, for plumper and fuller lips.

One of the most popular lip augmentation methods is the injectable dermal filler. As a matter of fact, there are many types available and each doctor uses what he/she considers to be more effective. Injections are done around the mouth or directly in the lips. Hyaluronic acid is among the substances contained by lip fillers. It is natural, and it can be found in the body, helping increase lip volume. Collagen is also a popular choice, although the new versions last longer and they are safer to use. After a consultation with a doctor, he/she can present lip fillers Canary Wharf, types available, what risks are involved, if there are any side effects and how much results last.

Lips have to be injected periodically, to maintain their volume. Results vary based on the chosen treatment. For example, hyaluronic acid fillers improve the appearance of the lips by offering them a beautiful shape, volume and structure. Up to six months a person is able to enjoy fuller lips, afterwards, more injections are needed to maintain their look. Injections are performed on the spot and within the same day you can return to your daily activities. However, what is crucial is finding a skin clinic Canary Wharf that uses only the best and safe methods. Doctors working there must be specialized and inform about any aspect.

It is not enough to fill lips; their shape has to be taken into consideration. The doctor can present options and mention what would suit each person better. The great advantage is that lip volume can be controlled, so that you can plump your lips just a little bit or more, based on your preferences as well. Lips should look natural in the end and a good doctor will advise on this aspect. However, in case the desired result is not achieved within a single session, injections can be provided gradually, until you have the lips you want.

There is no need to fear about the pain from the injections, because if you are more sensitive, the doctor can use a local numbing agent and you will not feel the discomfort. Fine needles are used in all cases and it is recommended that after the procedure, lipstick or lip products should be avoided. The difference is notable immediately and after the healing, lips feel natural. Many people have gone through lip augmentation and don’t regret the procedure at all, as they feel more confident and more beautiful. After all, this is the purpose of all beauty treatments.

Are you interested in discovering the most popular lip fillers Canary Wharf? At this skin clinic Canary Wharf you will find the best treatments and you can be sure that Dr. Paul wants you to look natural and pleased in the end.


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