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Google Chrome Sign Builder a convenient solution to digital signage

Posted by thenewsgiraffe in Technology on November 25th, 2017

Google Chrome sign builder is a digital signage service that enables you to schedule and display digital content on any and all of your Chrome run devices.

TheGoogle Chrome digital signage service is easy to use and only needs a once off configuration. When you commence setup, the display schedules and content URLs are created. Should your content need to be updated at a later stage, you will need to change it in the URL and not reconfigure the schedule or settings of the Chrome Sign Builder.

For example, a restaurant may have a breakfast special that is offered for a month only. The digital sign displaying the breakfast special will run for a scheduled time of one month. Once the breakfast special is over, the usual breakfast menu can be displayed. The content change,from the special offer to the usual breakfast menu is done at the URL and does not require a complete redo of the schedule.

Getting started

To install and implement the Chrome Sign Builder you have to follow an easy 2-step process.

Step 1: Download the Sign Builder service from the Chrome Web store and put together your display schedule.

Step 2: Manage all your registered devices and display modes with the Admin console. With the Admin console, you can register your devices in the correct organizational unit (org unit), adding Sign Builder as an app and run the display in a kiosk app.

What is “Kiosk Mode”

Google Chrome Kiosk mode refers to a mode of display offered on most browsers. This mode allows you to run the app or display on full screen without any user interface such as menus, toolbars or touchscreen keyboards.

Things to remember

Remember to arrange your schedule in such a way that there is never any blank screen time. You can use one of two methods to avoid a blank screen. You can run a default schedule that displays for 24 hours, or you can create additional schedules to run in between specific periods. For example, run a sign or YouTube playlists between specific display periods.

It is a best practice to not download the Sign Builder on a Chrome device that will be used to display the digital sign. The process will be much easier to manage if you deploy from a device that will not be registered as a display device.






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