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Modular Cannabis Extraction Labs- The Right Choice at the Right Price

Posted by linkedequipmen in Other on February 19th, 2019

When looking for the right equipment for growing and furthering your cannabis business, it is very important to look for the right equipment which deliver excellent results. A lot of time and effort goes into getting the right equipment that can reduce the time taken in extraction processes while at the same time ensuring high-quality products. There are many companies in the field that have come up with options that help business owners put their business on the right track at a fast pace better than conventional models.

Extraction Labs

It is important to note that these extraction labs are fully assembled and ready for delivery, or some may also be assembled at the site. If the business owner doesn’t have an existing facility for accommodating such a lab, the companies working in this field can also build such a lab within the available warehouse space with the same benefits, features and advantages of a standalone lab.

The Modular Cannabis Extraction Labs will come with Class 1 Division 1 and clean room environment options so that the business owner gets a streamlined, high-quality and completely compliant extraction lab that is required for the successful set up of efficient extraction workflow.

Look for a company that is specialized in building and engineering ISBU or Intermodular Steel Building Units for the marijuana industry. It is done by using shipping containers which are converted into fully automated extraction labs. It is important to note that each of the systems are professionally engineered ensuring high-quality and optimal efficiency. The systems also undergo a third-party engineering peer review to ensure its adherence to quality and engineering parameters. These labs are technologically advanced and safe mobile cannabis extraction labs.

These extraction labs are constructed with interlocked emergency and electrical systems, gas detection systems, ignition source controls and ventilation for extraction fan systems and dilution. The containers are professionally engineered for Butane, CO2, Alcohol, Hexane, and mixed solvents. Furthermore, there is a controlled and safe environment for efficient extraction and processing of cannabis.

The major advantages of using these containers converted into extraction labs are ample. These are ready to plug and use containers which help in speeding up the entire extraction and processing process. There is no stress of missing deadlines or going overbudget because of months taken in the construction of the lab. The business owner just needs to set up this container, plug in and start generating revenue. Speed up process will help products reach market faster than the competitors. The portability feature of these labs has made them easy to relocate. One just need to unplug from the ground and take it to the new location where it can start functioning in no time.

These containers have been made with the help of expert engineering wherein people from different professions contribute to make it perfectly suitable for marijuana business. Look for a company that specializes in such extraction labs and share precise requirements with them to get a lab that is exactly as per your business needs.

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