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Advanced JavaScript Programming And Its Features

Posted by spinotuts in Education on November 23rd, 2017

In the society of surfers and web developers, JavaScript is extremely eminent as patron side scripting language for web browsers. In any web-based application, Advanced JavaScript Programming can be used to execute simple features such as rollover of images as well as to create the asynchronous requests to server via ajax. Earlier, when flash was not that popular, JavaScript was extensively used to add stunning effects to WebPages and is still being used for the alike use. Let us have a look at some of the features of this language.

Browser support: In order to access the flash content, you require to install the flash plugin in your browser. However, to use the JavaScript, you do not have to utilize any plugin at all. The reason to this that, every browser has acknowledged the JavaScript as a scripting language for them and they offer an integrated support for it. All you require to do is to manage some of the tasks that are dependent on Document Object Model or DOM of varied browsers appropriately.

Free Online JavaScript Tutorials

Could be used on both sides of client and server: As JavaScript has access to Document object model (DOM) of browser, you can in reality alter the entire structure of the web pages at runtime. By doing this the JavaScript can be us made used to add various styles of effects to the WebPages. Besides this, JavaScript can be used on the server side as well.

For instance, in Alfresco, which is a well-liked open source venture content management system, JavaScript is used in making web scripts. This helps in making the adding custom tasks to alfresco fairly easy and quick.

Functional programming language: In JavaScript, function could be allocated to variables in a similar way just like any other data types. Not only this, but a function can recognize another function as a constraint and can also return a function. You can also have functions with no name as well. Undoubtedly, this provides you the capability to code in functional programming style.

Free Online JavaScript Tutorials are the ideal source to learn the JavaScript language at home, provided you are well-aware with general purpose programming languages including C, C++.

Aid for objects: JavaScript is an object-focused language. However, the way JavaScript manages objects and inheritance is little dissimilar from traditional object oriented programming languages such as Java. Due to this, JavaScript aids most of the object focused concepts while being uncomplicated to learn and implement.

These are some of the features, which provide JavaScript a prowess to manage the simple as well as difficult activities.

Due to this, JavaScript with no doubt still exists as the most popular programming language for a long period of time.

It is also an excellent language for all those people who wish to learn computer programming as it aids object oriented as well as function concepts and to utilize it, you would just require a browser and a text editor. 


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