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Crawl space foundation repair and radon mitigation by professionals

Posted by sylvanmark in Home on November 13th, 2017

Whether it’s a house or an office space, the basement or the crawl space foundation suffer from some similar issues. Though many homebuilders prefer a crawl space to a basement, there is no escape from mold infestation or the effects of the harmful radon gas. Radon mitigation is therefore an essential part of problem solving areas.


The foundation of a crawl space or basement may also suffer from cracks leading to water leakage into the structure. To avoid long-term damage and decay, basement repair solutions are therefore recommended by experts.


Crawl space issues

Homes built in close vicinity to areas prone to flooding or predictable damp climactic conditions are best served with crawl spaces. This structure elevates the building and protects it from termite or mold infestation. Finished crawl spaces are waterproofed and built with screened ventilations. This is one of the types of foundations which are built. Though crawl spaces give a considerable advantage in damp environments the foundations may still need to be repaired or renovated, checked for any leaking cracks and subsequently waterproofed. Bulging floors are a sign that you need your crawl space foundation to be repaired. Soil movements can also result in cracks or bulges. Before these basic issues become a cause of concern and start flooding your crawl space, it is important that you get professional contractors start repairing the foundation.


Get rid of radon with regular professional help

Foundations may need inspection after a larger duration of time but radon needs to be removed regularly if you want a healthy breathing space in your home or office. Only certified professional can guarantee you a radon free environment after they are done with their inspection and remediation. Radon is a toxic gas emitted as a result of natural decomposition of uranium present in underground water and soil. If there are cracks in the foundation then large amounts of the gas can enter the house. Smaller quantities of it usually finds its way up. You cannot smell it. It can only be detected by testing. This is why radon mitigation becomes so important. Radon can cause lung cancer if it is taken in for a long period of time. Damage to cells and DNA are also harmful effects of being exposed to this radioactive gas. Through effective treatment this gas is slowly directed out by way of the ventilations.


Both foundation repair and radon removal require professional intervention. Only experienced and qualified contractors and inspectors can give you a favorable result. Crawl spaces are easier to maintain than basements. However, they also require regular checks if you are to ensure that everything is fine. This protects the house from any damages and keeps people staying there safe from any health issues.


Hence, to ensure that the ground below your feet stays strong and healthy, you need to take care of any crawl space foundation issues. Waterproofing and ventilation are areas that need special focus. Also, don’t ignore any health hazards and get professionals to help you with radon mitigation at regular intervals.


Get professional contractors to help you with crawl space foundation repairs and radon mitigation.


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