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Professional mold removal and radon mitigation services

Posted by sylvanmark in Home on November 13th, 2017

If a basement is a part of your residential or commercial property then you need to consider the presence of mold and radon. Though neither can be felt immediately, you need to hire professionals to look into your house or office for signs of mold and radon and undertake radon mitigation and mold removal. This is important for the health of those who are breathing in the air everyday for long period of time. Both can cause breathing troubles but radon can go a step further and cause damage to cells and lung tissue as well.


How does radon get inside your basement?

Radon gas is the result of natural decomposition of uranium which is present in underground water, soil or bedrock. It is emitted from the soil and travels up the foundation to your basement. If there are cracks and holes in the foundation then the amount of radon entering your property may increase to a great extent. Whether in small or large quantity, breathing air with radon can cause damage to the lung tissue, cells and DNA. Lung cancer is one of the health hazards we are talking about here. Since radon cannot be seen or felt, hiring professional contractors for radon mitigation is the best way to detect and treat the issue.


For this job, certified inspectors test and detect the presence of radon in your basement. A protocol has been designated by the EPA, following which the location and quantity is determined first, then the necessary steps are taken to remove it. Considering the fact that this gas is only second in the list of causes of lung cancer in the U.S., there is every need to have detection done at regular intervals so that your property remains free of radon at all times. It has been recommended that the basement be properly ventilated in order to ensure that harmful gases can find a natural way out.


Mold removal by basement solution providers

Radon and mold are the most common health hazards in basements. Given the tendency of basements to become damp, moist and humid, mold finds a natural habitat in walls, floors or near leaking drains or pipes. You can identify mold by its smell and see it behind the wallpapers or under the carpeting. Mold is removed professionally and it can be avoided for longer duration of time if you keep your basement dry by taking up the right waterproofing solutions. Molds cause breathing issues. Symptoms like asthma and skin rashes are common. Headache and wheezing can just be the beginning of sinusitis. Mold can cause more harm to those with weak immune systems like children and elders. Serious neurological damage or memory loss can be few of the long-term effects of breathing in an environment with mold present in it.


Make your basement free from health hazards by allowing professional contractors to take care of mold removal and radon mitigation. It is not safe to be exposed to air with radon or mold infestation. So, take the required actions to get rid of these problems immediately.


Get professional help for mold removal and radon mitigation to ensure that your basement is healthy and safe to breathe in.


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