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Services offered by basement contractors

Posted by sylvanmark in Home on November 13th, 2017

Basements can be turned into a healthy living or working space. Basement contractors offer services like everdry waterproofing help achieve that with the help of their technology, expertise and experience. Now, basements can suffer from a number of leakage problems, cracks in walls or floor or the foundation may need to be repaired in case of bigger waterproofing issues. Both exterior and interior waterproofing along with mold removal and radon mitigation and basement egress can be taken care of by the contractors.


Basement remodeling done by contractors

Both residential and commercial remodeling of basements can be taken up by professional contractors. You may forget your old, damp and depressed basement and prepare to welcome a brand new addition to your property. Taking care of basements like this also increases your property value as it gets rid of moisture, mold, radon, leaking basements and foundation issues. You will get finished and healthy basements, well ventilated with egress windows after all these issues have been addressed or checked. The design of the remodeled basement is done keeping in mind the latest trends. Construction is based on upgraded technology and quality products and materials. Basement contractors gift a healthy, safe and remodeled finished basement to you.


Basement waterproofing

When we use the term waterproofing, we think about industry grade materials, certified contractors, quality service within a budget and comprehensive and extensive basement repair solutions. Most of the times waterproofing on a large scale may take the form of remodeling as well because of the extensive nature of the work. Damp walls and floors, leaking spaces, cracks or gaps that let in water from the soil – any kind of waterproofing issues can be addressed by contractors like everdry waterproofing. Services like water shields, grading and seals, wall straightening, foundation repair, tile in and out and crawl space overhauls are few that can be named among many. Cracks and holes in the exterior foundation wall can be taken care of with exterior waterproofing. Interior waterproofing may include reconstruction of repair zone.


Basement health hazards and egress solutions

Egress window is required by the law to be installed in basements. It keeps the basement safe and allows enough fresh air and natural light to enter the space. Egress windows can be customized to meet your requirements. Contractors also test for molds and radon and do the needful to remove the presence of both from your crawling space. You may not be able to see or feel them yet but both can be very unhealthy to live and breathe in.


Basement contractors offer all of the above solutions to ensure a complete remodeling after addressing any waterproofing issues. Health hazards are taken care of and egress windows installed. Since this includes a considerable investment, a lifetime warranty is also offered to the customers so that they feel confident of hiring the right people for the job. Service providers like everdry waterproofing may have set the standards but there are a number of other certified and experienced contractors that you may want to hire in order to give the crawling space a brand new look and feel.


Hire basement contractors like everdry waterproofing to get the best basement solutions.


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