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Catering and Events That Always Do It Right

Posted by Pocketsonline in Food on February 7th, 2019

When the people who thinks of catering and events, what exactly you want from them in terms of experience with food and atmosphere. The most important things everybody looks into is a personalized attention from the starting to the end. The service and quality of food throughout the event is noticed. They may not be the best in terms of catering service, but they should satisfy their clients.

It is the key and they must make our dreams come true. They must impress the clients and guest with the best display of culinary, décor skills and hospitality but the most of all we need is to feel comfortable and satisfied with their quality of food.

Menu items 

When it is about guest enjoyment in an event, food items and beverage are very important as the purpose of that event itself. For catering an event to pan the right food down is selecting, each items of menu for the people.

  • Plan an event menu

Whether you work with any private caterer or managing a catering at an event venue, it is always good to consider certain factors before you build the menu.The thing you should remember first is the menu options you can present must be flexible. Most caterers allow you to decide about the menu and headcount before three weeks of the event. If you can please confirm it much earlier than the planning process.

  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner menu

The menu can include different per-packaged menu items and selections of caterer or executive chef. The approach towards different meals is generally unique.

  • Breakfast

When it is about breakfast, the packaged menus are mostly cost-effective and can be selected easily. It may include options of continental, breakfast stations and hot buffets.

  • Lunch

Most of the caterers offer various lunch options with buffet like working lunch choices like sandwiches and salads with best ranch dressing and even lunch boxes. The best meal type entirely depends on the schedule of your programs. You have to consider how much time the guest will take to eat.

  • Dinner

You get the choice of plated dinner or packaged buffet and both of them offer three to five choices of courses.

Break food and menu of reception:

When it is about planning, food items for the event, it should not be limited to a three-square meal always. For conference of more than one day requires catering planning for breaks and receptions.

  • Break items: If you have a budget to afford, theme breaks work well with standard snacks and beverages.
  • Receptions: There can be many options for such includes beverages. Also, hot platter or desert stations can be included.

Buffet or Plated

Regardless of the menu consideration, in some situations it becomes very hard to decide which the best option to serve the food is.

  • Plated: A plated meals need 1.5 hours to serve the food properly. 
  • Buffet: Try to allow maximum 1 hour of time for a buffet meal.
  • Passed Items: Passed servings are typically seen in receptions.

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