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Here are Three Great Ways to Invest in Renewable Energy

Posted by NowlesNorman in Other on January 31st, 2019

Since various governments in the world are considering to provide a major portion of energy from renewable sources by the end of this decade, clean energy is coming out of the fringes and in the mainstream and renewable energy sector is enjoying quick growth. This can be an excellent opportunity for investors. When it comes to the investment in the renewable energy industry, besides rooftop solar panels, so many other options exist. Here are ways to invest in renewable energy.

1. Buy Stocks of Renewable Energy Companies

A great way to make a green investment is is to buy individual shares. The prices of these shares can be extremely volatile, particularly in newly emerged, niche sectors like renewables.

Shares of companies that are entirely focused on renewables are risky, though come with high potential returns.

Benefits of this are that you can customize your own portfolio and it’s an easy and accessible way of investment, whereas there are some disadvantages like the volatility of shares and the higher risk of loss that comes through risking everything on one endeavor.

2. Invest Directly

Sustainable energy investments can be done directly by finding renewable energy companies to invest in and invest straight in them.

This carries a lower risk because once the establishment starts, not much can go wrong.

The benefit of this method is that if you move your home, you retain your share, unlike rooftop solar panels and the risk is low.

Some downsides are the defining factors like weather that can heavily impact the efficiency of a solar farm and also, solar installations can cover useful land or harm the environment.

3. Investing in Your Own Renewable Energy Project

If you are an experienced investor and is ready to take a risk, you may consider investing in your own renewable energy project. However, it’ll require a large starting investment for land space to house your renewable energy farm and equipment. You’ll also have to obtain necessary permits.

Once you accomplish all this, you can get a substantial profit by selling the energy generated by your farm. However, there may be a wide variation in the return on investment and so, it’s a high-risk investment.

Some benefits of this method are substantial returns and your own control over the project, while downsides are the requirement of large starting investment, experience and expertise, and subsequent high risk.

Consider all these options and choose one that suits you the best. Happy investing!




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