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How Do I Fix “Epson Printer Not Printing” Issue?

Posted by lizawillsion in Computers on January 28th, 2019

Epson printers are a synonym to quality and perfection. It offers both consumers and businesses a wide range of printing solutions to choose from. To choose one of the Epson printers, a user can explore its online store. The brand has categorized its printers to make it easy for customers to get a suitable one for their home or business printing needs.

Although these printers have been manufactured with the utmost perfection, chances for the occurrence of a glitch such as “Epson printer not printing” cannot be denied. For the Epson printer troubleshooting, check out these possible reasons along with their fix:

  1. Incorrect printer setup settings

Fix- While setting up your Epson printer, it is recommended check the guidelines listed in the instruction manual. Follow all the procedures correctly to ensure everything and don’t try to fix the issue on your own, if you are working on any printer for the first time. In that case, ask the Epson technicians for help.

  1. You forgot to choose Epson as your default printer

Fix- If the device you are using is connected to more than one printer, and then it is advised to set your Epson printer as default to avoid the conflicts. In case the problem persists then disconnect all other printers and uninstall their respective drivers as well as software from your computer system. You will surely get rid of this Epson printer error.

  1. You haven’t installed the printer’s drivers properly

Fix- Driver of a printer builds a bridge between the computer system and the printer. In other words, these drivers are responsible for conveying your commands from the computer system or mobile phone to the printer. Therefore, it is necessary to get the same only from an authorized source. Moreover, enter the correct model number to find the right drivers.

Now, the “printer not working” issue of the Epson printer can occur if you don’t install these drivers properly on your device. To ensure the same, either seek for Epson printer tech support from the certified technicians or go through the instruction manual given with your respective printer. You would definitely be able to rectify the problem.

  1. Drivers are not up-to-date

Like the other software, a printer’s driveralso needs to be updated. These updates add new features and functionalities to the drivers and also work in the background to deliver a smooth and bug-free experience to the users. If these drivers are not updated, your printer might not work as expected.

Therefore, don’t ignore the update notifications, and take an immediate action to it to avoid the occurrence of any glitch. Updating the drivers will fix this error out!



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