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Marijuana Indoor Grow Business- A Fast-Paced Cottage Industry

Posted by linkedequipmen in Other on January 27th, 2019

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented growth in legalized marijuana. The business has touched approximately half billion-dollar mark which speaks volumes about its future prospects. Along with this business, another business that is growing at an equal pace is the manufacturing, distributing and retailing of hydroponics equipment.

Growing Marijuana

The benefits of marijuana and its growing awareness among medical fraternity and health-conscious people has resulted in many doctors prescribing smoking, eating and growing marijuana for the purpose of medical treatment. Moreover, it has already been legalized in many countries which has further spurred the growth of a retail dispensary.

Dynamic Industry

With the industry growing at a fast pace and is highly dynamic, the scope of marijuana indoor grow business has increased to a significant extent. As the industry is growing, the competition has also increased. Before you begin to work on this business setup, you need to know certain details. The first thing is to decide the location where you will be growing marijuana. A team from a registered authority would visit to check the location before it gives the permission. The location must meet all restrictions and requirements. Thus, before submitting an application, the location needs to decided, and taken on rent or purchased.

Depending on the strain selected, the production will depend upon. The growers will also have to think about how they can control the growing conditions and use an appropriate growing method. The variety of marijuana grown, and its weight will decide the total revenue earned. It is significant to note that it is not necessary that the most potent marijuana will produce the greatest amounts though it is going to be sold at the highest retail price. Some marijuana varieties can be grown abundantly but they may not be highly potent. As a result, they may not get sold at top dollar.

Extraction Labs

When setting up this business, you may also have to think about investing in Cannabis extraction labs. You will also need to consider extraction economics. The cost of extraction equipment used will also play a vital role in the pricing of the product. Some extraction methods and raw materials used for the process may escalate the final price of the product. Cannabis growers can also outsource the extraction job to outside labs that brings high-grade technology making it an economical alternative.

These days, mobile extraction laboratories are also available that are helping to fill this gap in the industry. These labs can fulfil a large number of services. It includes cannabis grinding, dehydration of plant material, fractional distillation, solvent-based extraction, and odor elimination systems.

If your business is in a nascent stage, you can outsource extraction job to reputed labs. Once your business gets settled and start generating revenue, you can look into buying extraction equipment.

The future of marijuana as an industry is very bright as the number of people using it is increasing at a very rapid pace and is expected to grow further. Thus, having your own indoor marijuana growing business is a great idea.


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