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Top 5 investment opportunities in UAE

Posted by sylvermark in Business on November 2nd, 2017

Political, economic and social stability has propelled UAE as the leading location for investors to pour in money. Investment opportunities in UAE and its commercial capital, Dubai, presents access to nearly 1.5 billion consumers located in West Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, CIS countries and neighbouring Middle East countries. Great business ideas in Dubai can be found by structured search in the Internet and one can start almost immediately. Here, let us explore top five business ideas involving small to medium investment.

Oil and gas

This has been the foundation for the country’s economy for several decades. Regardless of the fact that this sector has been exploited for years, is still has enough scope to take up new investments. Finding the right partner in the region and staring a new venture is easy because of already established legal framework and infrastructural support.


The stunning skylines of prominent cities of UAE like Abu Dhabi and Dubai boast some of the most gorgeous skyscrapers of the world and innovations in architectural designing and superiority are attaining new heights each passing day. When you think of investment opportunities in UAE, construction comes to your mind quite naturally and hundreds of associated businesses related to this sector.

Financial services

The growing economy of UAE is supported by well-developed financial services which attract top rated professionals from all over the world. If you have core competency in accountancy, auditing or financial software support you may start a business any day and the investment is not that high as well. A varied range of business ideas in Dubai can be developed in this sector and if you have the right investor to back up your proposal you can be sure of achieving success.


With overall infrastructural development in the region there is huge demand and scope for security-related projects. It is not limited to securing physical assets and real estate but also in providing security to high profile individuals and politically and economically sensitive individuals. Lately, great development in providing cyber security solutions to expanding IT infrastructure and online business is taking place. Lots of tech savvy entrepreneurs have come up with their unique solutions in developing systems and applications for strengthening virtual security.


Dubai and other prominent cities of UAE is the most popular hub for investment in the field of hospitality and allied services. It was contributing to more than 9% of the GDP of the country some years back. You will find all the leading star rated hotel chains and restaurants having multiple outlets around the country. This has become the most coveted sector for many young entrepreneurs who have come up with their innovative concepts comprising food, environment and related services that have been supported by leading venture capitalists of the world.


There are other emerging sectors like transportation, healthcare, environment, energy, travel, trading, retail, job agency etc. in which there are thousands of investment opportunities in UAE. To make the job easy for the small business owners, there are now online business networking websites where entrepreneurs upload their business ideas in Dubai and get the attention of hundreds of investors in one go. The system is transparent, legally protected and, needless to say, cost effective.


Finding business ideas in Dubai is easy when you be register with online networking portals. There are some great investment opportunities in UAE for you to browse through.


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