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It includes a wide number of the different items

Posted by xingwang in Entertainment on January 25th, 2019

As in most RPGs, in order to trade the two players must be in the same game zone. This seemingly trivial requirement actually creates a natural friction in the trading process. Usually while I'm in the game I'm, well, playing the game - so when a potential buyer sends me a message that he is interested in something I have for sale, I must stop what I'm doing and go meet the buyer at some location (one of the towns or player "hideouts"). The process usually takes less than a minute if both players are used to trading in POE, but it's somewhat annoying and partially breaks the game flow.

So a few months back I've decided to stop selling equipment for cheaper than a certain price (1 "chaos orb"), figuring that smaller profit isn't worth my time - I'd rather keep playing the game itself. If the equipment doesn't sell for at least 1 "chaos" after some time, I'd just get rid of it to free up space in my "shop" storage.Basically I've defined that an exchange must net at least 1 "chaos" of profit or shouldn't happen at all - that is my "price of exchange" (which varies between players of course).In a sense this effect can be compared to the transaction cost in a real world stock market - where the exchange itself takes a small percentage of every deal as a brokerage fee, creating friction.

The first question someone who has never played POE might ask is "why would you trade currency in the first place? Isn't it like trading gold for silver or vise verse in a normal RPG?". Since POE currency items are consumables which have an effect in their own right - sometimes a player wants the functionality of the currency but doesn't have it (or not enough of it). That player can either keep playing/grinding for this specific currency type, but a more practical and much faster method would be to buy it.In that sense, players who make currency<->currency trades are like money changers in the real world. You could in principle earn some Euro directly before you go on your vacation - but no one actually does that. Everyone prefers convenience - even if it means paying someone a little extra.

The path of exile is the popular action set of RPG in dark world of fantasy of the Wraeclast. It is best designed across the major economy of online items, the customization of Path of Exile Items deep characters, PvP competition and all about the races of the ladder. This game is free completely online. It comes without any upfront charges or the monthly charges for appreciating 100 percent material of game. In this gameplay, the players get exiled from homeland for profoundly hostile and corrupted continent of the Reclast. With other exiles or alone, they must develop skills and look out for the artifacts of potential magic for surviving challenges of fantasy planet.

The path of the exile immerses player within gritty & the realistic style of art also goes against the present trend of the market of the RPGs cartoony. Well, if you will have a look at the poe currency, you will find that it is the main core of economic systems. It includes a wide number of the different items, orbs, and currency. It is the main currency which is used by the players of Path of Exile. All the items of currency serve at the specific functioning in crafting as well for enhancing the character’s equipment, permitting well the restructuring from character’s passive abilities within the case in items that are identified as the drops from chests or monsters.


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