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Locate Leaks And Pipes With Ease - Hire A Private Locator With Every Utility

Posted by bredpaul15 in Business on January 18th, 2019

Contracting and engineering need technical competence and practical experience to bring to you the service of skillful excavation. With the latest technology, one can pinpoint an irregularity or leakage in water or oil pipelines. Often, this palliates the risk of having errors in the proximity of the industrial area. With the proper service, you will not be engaged in creating potholes and blindly damaging the already present infrastructure to set up low-quality rodders. Investing in private utility locators will help you in the long run to maintain the integrity of the surrounding roads.

Private organizations have the best reputation with utility locator services as a result of a long and hard relationship that they have developed with clients in the Bay area. The use of line locators and magnetic locators will bring quality and efficiency to your benefit as a potential customer.

Location Using The Standard Duct Rodders

With a standard duct rodder on wheels, locating and installing telecom wires becomes easier. The high tensile strength of pure copper wire rodders will make it perfect for a builder setting up a technological, chemical or engineering company. Even colleges require the standard rodder as a part of locators which work on the principle of electromagnetism and radio waves. The best utility locating in San Francisco will not let you down in case of use of latest technology and durable, tensile and versatile standard duct rodders.

Types And Models Of Locators

These are the services you'd be expected to receive as a customer:

  1. Metro Tech Radio Detection System- it uses high precision gear to deliver frequencies for error-less location during repairs. Damage prevention is key.

  2. 1.6 GHz Concrete Scanner- these scanners can see through asphalt and concrete for determination of damages using ultra-high frequencies.

  3. TW-6 Magnetic Locator- these locators pinpoint pipelines. Trace pipe and cables through the conductive mode.

  4. LD- 12 Acoustic Leak Detector- High-sensitivity ground microphone and low “electronic noise” amplifier combine to offer the very best quality sound for leak detection.


As a customer, you would look for damage prevention when searching for leaks in fluid pipelines. The best utility locating can be done within the realm of San Francisco with dependable technicians and engineers. Investing in the best services will provide such reliability, trust and open communication for any project to develop and grow. Fastidiously wrapping up projects is the specialty of the California culture. Fix an appointment and avail the services of the best private utility locator.

Author’s Bio- The writer is an avid blogger. This article is about private utility locating services.


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