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Are you anxious about your driving test? Read on for some calmness!

Posted by maryjohns in Education on October 9th, 2017

The London driving test tends to leave even the most self-confident and encouraging individual feeling panicky and anxious. But why should this be? First, maximum of us have taken several written tests and examinations by the time we reach 17 years old (the earliest that we can appear for the UK test). However, the driving test is somewhat different, not only is it a practical instead of academic test, but unlike maximum tests where we can put a line through something we have transcribed if you make an error when driving you cannot turn back and have another go. So, the learner driver has to make the accurate choices in real time without the prospect to sit and think about it for a little while first. The most common cause for their anxieties is that they are anxious that they will make a mistake in a specific region of their drive.

By talking through the expanse that the learner is panicky about, the instructors are able to recognize the exact zone of concern and deal confidently with it. If the tensions had been well founded, being about an area of their drive that was not as worthy as it should be then we would still have had time to hone this area and mend it before the test. Talking through our tensions is a phenomenal way of bringing them out into the open, where they are always easier to cope with. Hiding our qualms away is never a decent way of dealing with them, it is a tad like stabbing our heads in the sand, and it simply doesn't help.

If you are coming up to pass driving test in a week, then rest and think or even better talk through your drive with somebody you trust to give you authentic answers. Feasibly jot down your apprehensions and if you are learning with a coach, ask them about these apprehensions, so that expectantly, as detailed above you can cope with these qualms in an optimistic, productive manner. Prepare appropriately, with ample good quality driving practice. Use some of the admirable resources that are now obtainable, such as driving test revision cards to help you feel more self-confident. Confront the reasons for your anxieties head on. Then you will be equipped to cope with your driving test and accomplish the result you desire. By facing up to your nerves you can cope with them instead of letting your nerves beat you.



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