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Disaster Recovery in the Workplace

Posted by thenewsgiraffe in Other on September 30th, 2017

If your business is unfortunate to suffer and attack or a lack of fully operational systems, are you prepared for such an occasion? You could find yourself unable to serve your customers for hours if not days if you do not have a proper system in place. A disaster recovery plan gives you the tools and preparation to counter such a situation and give your clients the full service and protection they would expect.

Data replication is one solution to this, as when done properly should copy your backup and save it offsite in an effort to protect your company information and systems should they go down. Physically copying your data can be time consuming, not to mention costly as the CDs or paper trail involved requires constant replacing to be kept up to date. Not to mention the fact that over time the physical copies really stack up and storage becomes more and more costly. There is also a chance that the physical information can actually be stolen so there is a risk that your backup information can be compromised. If you have stored your information on tapes this could be good, but consider a natural disaster where your employees can't even get to the tapes, this would be pretty fruitless as a preventative measure

Data replication thankfully, has come a long way in the modern business world, you can transfer your information offsite in an effort to protect it. You can save it via the cloud so it can always be accessed from an area that has wifi and can be backed up almost instantly. You can choose how often you wish to backup your data, it could be hourly, daily or weekly. There are many formats that replication technology can be used with, it can be WAN transferable for ease. There are also providers that offer staff support to talk you through your disaster recovery through continuous replication.

Business disaster recovery plans help you to keep your business continuity going when your business really needs help. This could occur during something as uncontrollable as a natural disaster, or your IT system failing. Whatever it is, the business that is best prepared loses the least amount of time and customer satisfaction. IT is pretty much just a way of describing the process that a business takes to return to full power and normality after a failure occurs so any business without one is not prepared.

Computer viruses are a particular threat to businesses these days, you might need to recover your information to when it was last saved, if you are able to save every hour through cloud based systems then this will require the minimum amount of recovery time and effort. A disaster recovery plan is a bit like insuring your business against system loss, this goes for any business big or small and could be the difference between staying in business, if you get a reputation for your systems going down for lengthy times, or lose customer information forever, the client's confidence in you will shrink and you will find your reputation does also, something no business can afford.





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