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The Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

Posted by algeronmoly in Technology on September 30th, 2017

Your business could be attacked at any time, your systems could fail at any minute, and it could be completely out of your hands. Are you prepared for such an event? What would be the first thing that you would do in such an event? It might be too late at this point and your reputation might never recover if your customers lost faith in your ability to constantly operate. One way of protecting yourself is through a disaster recovery plan, and one that involves live migration.

The first thing to say about live migration is it is one of the most efficient methods of disaster recovery. Your entire server can be backed up, this includes all your systems, data, and applications so that they can be recovered, and put onto a virtual system for you to use in the quickest recovery time possible when compared to the traditional methods of disaster recovery such as storing copies of all a business's data off site - the time it takes to physically retrieve the information can affect your business performance.

Cloud storage is one of the most cost-effective ways of recovering your data, you only pay for what you need, not the physical storage space. So paying for what you use is the best way to keep your costs down, whilst this option also ensures that you can increase and decrease the amount you wish to store at any time.

Chose the right provider and your information will be secure, there are many reputable companies offering cloud based disaster recovery systems. Make sure you find the right one that fits you and also one that has a good reputation online.

Microsoft Azure is just one of the companies offering a solution, here you can get a free migration assessment to see what fits your company best. You can also get business case development, migration, and management. The fact that this is run by Microsoft means it is a brand you can trust, but more than that the automated protection plans offer no-impact recovery plan testing, as well as customizable recovery plans so you can select the plan that best suits the size and type of your business.

There is even a portal that you can use to create your own disaster recovery plans, you can make them simple if your business just requires basic protection, or they can be more advanced depending on the scale of your business. You can replicate any of your workload to the system and enable your business to continue in the event of a disaster. Azure migration even offers you a continuous business health check, so your backed up information is constantly under assessment of its security.

Cloud migration is definitely the most efficient way of securing your business. There are a lot of trustworthy companies with excellent reputations and if some of the world's biggest computer businesses such as Microsoft are getting involved, you know it is significant. The speed of which information can be recovered, coupled with the cost-efficient pricing means that not only can your business afford it, it also cannot afford to be without it.





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