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Solution To Detect Fuel Flow

Posted by ermtelematics in Business on September 28th, 2017

These days you cannot rest in peace even when you lock the fuel tank. This is because anyone can use mechanical devices to flip open the bonnet of your vehicle to drain off fuel directly from the tank. To prevent such incidents you can install fuel tank supervising device which will emit warning alarms to initiate you.

Fuel monitoring system monitors and records fuel usage in vehicles automatically through GPS technology. Amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle is reported to a web server system acknowledging accurate details on the fuel tank.

The fuel tank monitoring device is a measuring device which is used for tank monitoring or vehicle tracking system. This device automatically analyses the flow of petrol, diesel, LPG etc in the vehicle thereby balancing the economy. This GPS enabled system monitors and reports fuel level along with real-time location, distance traveled per day through which calculation of consumed energy becomes more translucent.

This monitoring device is not only beneficial for managerial purpose but also for accurate reporting purpose. Communication or transmission of the collected data is most commonly done using GPRS modems to allow internet connectivity. Thus one can access the information from any location with internet access.

Fuel Tank Monitoring

The fuel monitoring device is designed for supervising fuel consumption, reduce fuel usage and to prevent fuel theft. By installing this device one can:

  • Prevent fuel fraud

  • Prevent unauthorized fuel usage

  • Provide accurate measurement of fuel tank level

  • Get detailed information about fuel tank draining and filling

  • Get detailed information about fuel consumption

  • Collects and stores information fuel tank for future analyzing

  • Get current status of the fuel tank

  • Provide alerts like audible or visual alarms if the tank troubled or if unusual movements are detected

  • Fuel boost pump obstacles

  • You will be alerted either via email or text messages

  • Leakage, water, temperature high and low-level detections

Fuel Tank observing systems are one of the clever solutions for fluid management. With this device, you will be addressed of how much fluid remains in the tank as well as when more fluids will be needed can be addressed. Tank monitoring is simply a process of checking, charting and tracking the use and distribution of fuel in the tank.

Maintenance technicians face multiple issues while performing fuel systems inspections and repairs. By using Fuel Tank Monitoring device one can keep an eye on their fuel tank which can also improve customer satisfaction within minimum cost. With this device, one can get much more accurate data regarding their vehicle.




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