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Plan a Helicopter Joy Ride for your Wedding Anniversary

Posted by arrowaircraft in Travel on January 8th, 2019

We are always looking for a new experience for special occasions. A wedding day is such a bargain where you absolutely have to paint the city red. We live in a time when working time or personal life is time-dependent. Whether you're organizing a wedding, planning a meeting across the country, or just planning a cruise, hire private jet is worth every penny.

Weddings that are scheduled on a tight schedule can use these chartered planes to avoid delays. You can use it to carry only the couple or even all the guests. By booking a charter plane, you can save time and money by reaching your destination of choice.

Hire helicopter in Delhi, India, as it costs only a fraction of the actual cost of the plane.

The following points should be noted when hiring a helicopter for the day of your wedding anniversary.

1. Helicopter Booking: Availability has become a problem due to the increased demand for helicopters. Please book the helicopter for the wedding as soon as the date of the wedding has been confirmed, so as not to disturb the reservation.

2. Helicopter: Choosing the right helicopter is very important to ensure a smooth and profitable flight of the helicopter. We recommend booking helicopters that are reliable, fast and inexpensive for wedding flights.

3. Flight Timing: Most helicopters cannot fly at night, as they can fly only during the day, from sunrise to sunset. It is therefore recommended that the wedding hours of the helicopter be only during the day.

4. Helipad: The helicopter requires very little space to operate and can even be used directly from the wedding venue. Our helicopters need a flat, dust-free space of about 20 meters in diameter, with an unobstructed approach and a barrier-free path.

5. Minimum Safety Requirements: Throughout the operation of the helicopter, only a few facilities, such as helicopters and police officers, firefighters, ambulances and heliports are required to ensure safety and proper operation. of the helicopter.

6. Weather: Helicopters need visibility of at least 1500 meters to complete a flight. In December and January, visibility is less than 1500 meters. We recommend having a contingency plan ready, especially during the months of December and January, if the weather is below the minimum and the helicopter is used.

7. Land Licenses: Landing outside an approved airport or heliport requires the approval of the Special Agent / Safety Officer / Development Authority in the area of use of the helicopter, such as the law requires it. These permissions are usually easy to obtain but usually take 7 to 10 days to get the plan.

Arrow Aircraft is a leading aviation company offering private aircraft services in Delhi. Your holidays start and end with the pleasure of using our services. Give new life to your wedding anniversary this year. Now all your luxury projects are just a few clicks away.


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