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Interacting With a Copier Sales and Services

Posted by willlazar in Business on September 20th, 2017

The copier industry is highly competitive and their representatives who are selling the company's products to you are well-versed in promising you the moon.  It shouldn't come as a surprise to you even if the most far-fetched of your requirements will be answered in the affirmative by the copier and sales reps and they would try and convince you that the copier can do anything that you would ask it to do, short of talking back to you!  After all they want to sell it to you.  Therefore, it's important that your interaction with the copier sales and services rep is informed and they don't pull the wool over your eyes.

They Do Not Want to Rip You OffReading the first paragraph you might have come to the conclusion that copier salesand services reps want to rip you off.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  It's best that you don't take the sentences mentioned above as the general rule and take is as a bit of a negative exaggeration, which was meant to be funny.  The fact is that they want to sell a product to you and they are singing the praises of the copier in question, so that you are interested.  Therefore, when a rep approaches you, it's best not to get defensive but take a pro-active stance to them and their product.  This lays the foundation of a good interaction.
Know more about the ProductOnce again we reiterate the fact that the job of the copier sales and services rep is to the sell the product and not helping the customers.  Therefore, it's of paramount importance that while buying or choosing a copier that you have a fair idea of the copier market and the kinds of copier that are available in the market.  Moreover, get to know about the costs of the copiers and their functionality.  This would help you make an informed decision while you buy a copier and also interact intelligently and constructively with a rep.

Negotiation is the keyWhen you have a fair idea of the copier market and copier functionality, you can negotiate with the copier sales and services rep in a better manner.  It must be understood that when it comes to negotiations and the transactions involved therein, some of them will be in your favor while some will be in the favor of the seller.  However, there are times when you can negotiate in a way such that the transactions are fair to both parties, that is you the buyer, and the seller.

At the end of the day, if you can strike a rapport with copier sales and services representative, nothing can be better than that.  The interaction must be positive in nature in the sense that you must be able to strike a beneficial deal for the copier and the ancillary services with the sales rep of the copier company. You don't have to impress the management of the shop to get a deal.  Just this one person will do!  So interact properly and get the benefit.

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